Wednesday 22 May 2024

The Tyranny Of The HR Department

A major British industry group has been accused of publishing impractical guidance over whether self-identifying transgender women can use single-sex spaces. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) states in a guide that refusing a transgender person female-only facilities could be 'discrimination' in law.

The fact that this collection of blue-haired harpies who swallowed the Stonewall kool-aid is considered a 'major British industry group' at all gives you a good idea of why we are no longer a world-leader...  

But Maya Forstater, chief executive of gender critical group Sex Matters, said the charity - which represents HR professionals - should 'start again' with its approach.Former thinktank researcher Ms Forstater told the Daily Telegraph: 'We think the CIPD's guidance on trans and non-binary should be scrapped and started again. It's written in a way that sounds like it's taking everyone into account, but it's not usable.

Well, that rather depends on exactly who it was written for, Maya, and what its intended use was... 

'She added: 'The answer that 'you should consult and take legal advice' is not practicable. What we're talking about is a big company, retail or anywhere with lots of sites all over the country, some of them have a picture of a woman in a dress in the door.

They have a picture of a human figure in a dress. Whether that only applies to Brenda from the typing pool or includes Ron from Maintenance is what buys solicitors their next Ferrari...

'Are they female only? The answer can't be 'we'll take legal advice'. The answer has to be yes or no.'

Expecting a clear and unequivocal answer from HR departments? Might as well wish for a unicorn... 


  1. HR morphed from Personnel, which morphed from Welfare. Given that these are mentally challenged body dysmorphic members of staff perhaps reverting to Welfare would be an accurate indication of what is expected of them in the current lefty, libtard PC environment we find ourselves in. Personally HR should be "Human Remains".....

    1. Good point! But workplaces aren't there to treat the mentally ill.

  2. "The Tranny of the HR Dept"

    I've fixed it for you!


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