Tuesday 21 May 2024

The sheer excitement of politics

Do you ever get to that stage where it's all exactly the same, will never change, that there must be more to life?

Never mind ... here are two rivetting events coming up:

Not exciting enough?  Book your seats early for this one:


  1. The thought of Lord '12 pints a night' Hague, and Sir Tony 'I'm a really nice guy' Blair coming back into the public arena fills me with horror. Never mind them sitting on a bench, putting the world to rights, the two of them did little to do so and, especially Blair, made the world a more dangerous, poorer, place. A more talented person than I, could no doubt dream up a parody of "Waiting for Godot", starring Vague and Bliar.

  2. Hague and Bleurgh should be sitting in the stocks awaiting rotten tomatoes.


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