Tuesday 21 May 2024

The sheer excitement of politics

Do you ever get to that stage where it's all exactly the same, will never change, that there must be more to life?

Never mind ... here are two rivetting events coming up:

Not exciting enough?  Book your seats early for this one:

Monday 20 May 2024

Bye, Sweetie!

Don't let the door yp Heathrow hit you on the way out, and good riddance!
A Palestinian student who said she was 'full of pride' after Hamas launched its attack on Israel claims the Home Office has revoked her visa on the grounds of 'national security'.
Dana Abuqamar, 19, a law student at the University of Manchester, attended a pro-Palestine protest just one day after Hamas carried out its October 7 attack. During the demonstration, Ms Abuqamar, president of Manchester Friends of Palestine, was filmed saying she was 'really full of joy' and 'proud that Palestinian resistance has come to this point'.

Excellent news, and very gratifying to see that they don't always drop the ball at the Home Office.  

She has now claimed that the UK Government has 'violated her human rights' by rescinding her student visa on the 'baseless' accusation that she is a 'risk to public safety'. The Home Office told MailOnline it does not comment on individual cases and it remains unclear precisely what revoking the visa means for the teenager's future in Britain.

Hopefully that she doesn't have one.  

In a new video released this week, Ms Abuqamar confirmed she would be appealing the decision and said her remarks in October, which were publicly condemned by policing minister Chris Philp, had been misrepresented. 'My words were taken out of context and they were framed as me supporting harm to innocent civilians, which is completely false and completely untrue,' she told the Middle East Eye.

They didn't need to be 'framed' as anything, it's patently obvious what they were.  

She added: 'It's an outrageous claim that the Home Office is making by deeming me a national security threat. I am a 19-year-old who has done nothing but go to school and advocate for social justice and try and be an asset to my community. 'So saying I pose a threat to national security is a completely baseless claim.'

Whether it is or not, we don't need you here, we don't want you here, so home you go where you can spout racist rhetoric all day long, should you choose.  

Saturday 18 May 2024

All roads lead back to “classic liberalism”

“Classic liberalism” has variously been defined but mainly means living with others in a spirit of freedom respectful of others … unmolested, hygienic, inc. low noise pollution.  On our floor of our house, thank the Lord, we have that at this time … there are two or three who don’t abide but they’re at the far extremities, away from us.

What triggered this was DAD’s news item:

The Spanish government has been accused of violating basic religious rights after a group of peaceful protesters were fined for praying the rosary outside a church near the headquarters of the governing Socialist Party.

It all depends, does it not, on what that “religion” allows and exhorts you to do.  Frankly speaking, as non-Catholic, what effect does a whole lot of rosary bead handling do to me? Not a lot, might even help in the other dimension. What do extreme Jewish people in those outfits do? Again, to me, not a lot unless they’re into Netting Yahoo stuff, killing the infidel and there’s a fair bit of that in the OT.

Buddhists? Bahai? In terms of my opening paragraph … no issue. Death cult? Needs to be expunged from the shores, simply that, given the violence which is integral to it, similar to that thug thing from Mexico. Also the rise again of the weoponised, chip on the shoulder black. See that Melanie and VDH vlog again … methinks that’s an important vlog overall.

So yes, I judge by that opening paragraph for sure and others forcing things upon us … but what about globopaedo and rainbow perversion, which involves molesting and perverting children?  We’re not directly molested and trafficked but we’re sure abetting it in other ways. It’s underground but your child is in huge danger, if only from really twisted ideas and from us refusing to speak out on it.

Christian charity? It’s the one faith … the whole thing being about letting others be and supporting, if necessary, a neighbour having hard times, not through fecklessness. And other cults are trying to destroy this Christianity. Why? We know why. It’s the polar opposite of dog-eat-dog, of the seven deadly sins. It reproaches.

I’d argue that my opening paragraph in this item is very much a result of Christianisation. Yes, charitable feelings are not exclusive to that faith … were there no charitable feelings 2070 years ago, say? Of course there were … but not coded in quite the same way.

But there’s if there existed live-and-let-live “westernism” … if that was a thang, a former reality, then its ebbing certainly corresponded to the ending of Christian charity as well, the end of that underpinning faith and its principles.

The trouble comes when puritans take it upon themselves to police others. On the other hand … that lot who disrupted an abortion clinic inside the building … what of that? Preventing how many babies murdered that day, parts sold off? Is there a point when a practice becomes diabolical and stopping it is a duty?

“Westernism” is a mix of many things, never forgetting the bloody side of it … wars, public executions, putting people in stocks in public squares, the rise of an obscene priestly class to rival an obscene aristocratic class … it was no picnic in days gone by.

Nuff for now.  Just thoughts.

Friday 17 May 2024

Just Obey The Rules Like Everyone Else Has To!

A barrister, who asked not to be named, told The Mail on Sunday that security guards at the court behave like 'night club bouncers'. Another barrister added: 'Some are thinking of a boycott here.'

Like you'd ever pass up money. Just bloody do as you're told, you're not special.  

Defence solicitor Dele Johnson said guards wrestled him to the ground after he refused to take off his shoes in a security search. Mr Johnson, 37, said it was like the ordeal of George Floyd, whose murder by Minneapolis police, as he protested 'I can't breathe', sparked the Black Lives Matter movement.
'I never thought I'd also be saying 'I can't breathe',' said Mr Johnson. 'I was just trying to do my job.'

What do you think the security guards were trying to do then? When someone tries to circumvent security?  

Mr Johnson's identification card was checked when he arrived as a duty youth court solicitor last Wednesday. After leaving the building to have a cigarette, he agreed to a pat-down search when he returned but refused to take off his shoes, which he said resulted in four guards forcibly removing him.
With a defendant waiting for him, he re-entered the building via a side door but was blocked from entering a court and allegedly grabbed by 'four or five' guards.
'I started swinging, I felt I was fighting for my life against five men to stop them grabbing me,' he said.

You deliberately evaded security and started fighting with them when they tried to stop you. I guess standards have fallen further than anyone thought if someone like you can be a solicitor. 

Thursday 16 May 2024

Sidelights on Loretta

In which I do egregiously steal from Julia who had previously reposted this (see further down). However, first something stolen earlier from Python:

Here tis:

Wednesday 15 May 2024

And Probably Not The Last...

...because there's no chance of the useless Met Police changing, and no-one in government inclined to bring them to heel. 

A prolific burglar who broke into a M&S store to steal £500 of sirloin and T-bone steak as well as 20 bottles of prosecco, has become the first person to be jailed in a private prosecution.

Only large chains are able to afford the action this story celebrates, however. The small shopowner is unlikely to be able to afford this. 

David Hanson, 44, who had 105 previous convictions including 33 burglaries, was caught in the act and arrested by two detectives from a private policing company. The store manager from M&S in Streatham Hill had called police immediately after catching Hanson stealing on CCTV but despite the footage, the Met Police decided not to investigate.
Instead, the case was taken on by TM Eye - a private investigator company which was founded by former Scotland Yard chief detective David McKelvey. The firm, which uses plain clothed officers and those in uniform, has already helped prosecute 280 shoplifters, however, the south London case marks the first time a prosecution has been made against a thief.

Just as with the police initially ignoring reports of dangerous dogs, when they do act, they often find other criminality. So they are cutting their own throats with this policy.  

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Reform, UKIP … or what? Unrepresented?

As were many, I was a Kipper, despite the egregious NEC, when the alternative was Pigboy Dave or May … I’m a would be Reform voter in 2024 but Tice puts a spanner in that.

How about UKIP again? Read Rebecca Jane Sutton đŸ‘‡đŸ»


“Where is the mother"?

Rethinking our strategies … for example on the subject of “marriage”, particularly in the light of the Europervertvision last Saturday evening.

We have a weapon over at the little site I occasionally write for and his moniker is DAD … I call him our Senior Member as he’s at a fullsome and robust stage of life I hope one day I manage to reach. 

In short, he’s from an era where people were by and large just married and didn’t carry on with all and sundry like 5304*
GPA [ medically assisted procreation ] “Where is the mother"? 

For having asked this simple question, Marion MarĂ©chal found herself castigated by a large part of the political class, including by the government spokesperson, Prisca ThĂ©venot. It is true that this intervention by a political leader touched an extremely sensitive point at the heart of the anthropological changes resulting from “marriage for all”. 

Once marriage is no longer defined as the union of a man and a woman destined to produce posterity, all the benchmarks become floating. Children resulting from medically assisted procreation are now referred to one parent1 and one parent2, which means the exclusion of a father or a mother, in favour of two men or two women.
Marion Mariechal, for those unfamiliar with the French political scene, is the absolute honey (in men’s eyes) who dropped the surname Le Pen.  In short again … she’s of the alt-right, meaning for God and country and the French have a history of being susceptible to iconic ladies, particularly young … such as Jeanne la Pucelle (Joan of Arc to us), Marianne … plus “our current Marion”.

The Dutch have theirs too … her name is Eva Vlaar etc.etc. and she’s known as the “Shieldmaiden of the far-right”.  

My view is that we can’t get enough of this sort of thing … this very site here, OoL (interesting that it’s called “Orphans”) is headed by a gal I for one am in awe of, if only for her gaming ability, ha ha, plus she’s the scourge of Bully dogs and inconsiderate cyclists in lycra. Plus she loves wild animals.

Anyway, I digress. This issue of non-natural birth out of wedlock … in fact the whole vomit-inducing business seen last Saturday evening … is just one of a multitude of issues today which might be better handled by the feisty female than the blast ’em to eternity blunt male or even the rabbiting on of me for paragraph after paragraph.

It might be better handled by a lady with weaponry, rather than a Mary Whitehouse who was too susceptible in her own family history (a bit like Sarah Palin in Alaska).  Marion M has President of the Republic written all over her but her strategy might just end a Presidential run.

That strategy is to calmly ask a simple question, as you see at the start of the quote above, a highly sensitive question in that country, not so much in godless Britain, for whom the game of cricket was invented to give Brits some concept of eternity. 

Ask it “in all innocence”, not raising the voice too much. The French have a guided missile in Marion M, almost a law unto herself, so unherdable as gals on the right, liberty side tend to be.  She needs to be President of the Republic imho.

Psssst … any chance we could persuade our Julia here to run for a new position of Chief Minister, head of the Privy Council or something?  Juss thinking out loud, that’s all.

Incidentally, what do you think of the current UKIP shenanigans over “leadership”?


* To ustd 5304, type it into your calculator, turn the calculator upside down and read … it’s US jargon and a pretty good euphemism. For the singular, drop the 5.

Monday 13 May 2024

What Happened To Beer & Bratwurst?

The soaring cost of doner kebabs has led to growing calls in Germany for a government subsidy programme to keep the inflation-hit dish, one of the country’s favourites, affordable as politicians report it is frequently cited as a concern in doorstep conversations with voters.

Wow! I guess they must have no potholes in German roads, and no dog crap on their pavements either. 

The chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has become so used to being asked about the price of kebabs during public appearances that his government has even posted on social media to explain that price rises are in part due to rising wage and energy costs. “It’s quite striking that everywhere I go, mainly from young people, I’m asked whether there shouldn’t be a price brake for the doner,” Scholz has said.

Ah, Are those 'young people' Hans & Helga in lederhosen, or perhaps something quite different? Go on, guess! 

The far-left Die Linke party has become the latest to seize on the topic, calling, in a proposal it wants to present to parliament, for the introduction of a Dönerpreisbremse or doner kebab price cap, similar to that introduced in some parts of the country to control high rents. It says kebabs are already €10 (£8.60) in some cities, rising from €4 just two years ago.The party recommends a €4.9o price cap, and €2.90 for young people, especially those from lower income backgrounds, for whom it argues the dish – thinly sliced grilled meat topped with finely chopped vegetables, garlic or chilli sauce, and cradled in a folded flatbread – is a daily staple. It suggests every household could receive daily doner vouchers.

Now, that's chutzpah, and proof German left-wing parties are even more deranged than UK ones! Who thought that was even possible?  

Hanna SteinmĂŒller, an MP for the Greens, a party that more usually appeals to people to give up meat, addressed the issue in parliament earlier this year. “For young people right now it is an issue as important as where they will move when they leave home. I know it’s not an everyday issue for many people here,” she said to fellow MPs, “and that …it’s also something that might be ridiculed, but I think as voter representatives we are obliged to highlight these different perspectives”.

Oh, there's no 'might' about it, it'll be ridiculed all right! But it'll be whistling past the graveyard, as how long will it be until Germany's fate is echoed elsewhere in Europe? 

Sunday 12 May 2024

Euro-perversion-fest 2024

Switzerland won, as prearranged … they want it there next year, not in Israel or in Croatia. Ho hum, nuff of that rubbish event. Someone called Olly apparently got null-pwarnts, the Israeli girl came fifth.

Some reactions after the event …