Tuesday, 25 January 2022

There'll be some alcohol consumed tonight

I'll not be hearing any anti-Scottish sentiments today, ye ken?  Except of course for Krankie and her anti-Scots communist SNP ... ye can say all y'like about her, a disgrace t'Govan she is.

Hear this Jimmie, hear this:

Monday, 24 January 2022

If The 'Culture Of Misogyny' Is So Bad...

...why do you have to import more of it?

According to reports in Ireland the man arrested has links with Offaly and south Dublin but has also lived abroad.

Which is the coy progressive press way of saying he's an immigrant from Slovakia.  

Between 1996 and 2020, at least 236 women died violently in the Republic of Ireland.

Why don't we get a figure for men? Is it because it outstrips the figure for women (like this one year) two to one?

We know it is, don't we, Reader..? 

Their names have been written out and remembered individually in recent days. A majority of these women were killed in their own homes, by a man they knew, by men they loved, men they had children with. How do we protect against that?

Well, you could start pointing out to women that 'I love him, I can change him!' isn't a strategy for survival. And you could start campaigning against open borders on the basis that Ireland doesn't need to import more misogynists.

But you don't do any of that, do you? I wonder why... 

Sunday, 23 January 2022

It's that time of year again for our chief admin, plus OoL itself

Not too sure how happy the lady will be to share her birthday with a blog birthday but there it is - she has precedence of course.  Also, not too sure how happy she'll be about the same format as for last January but I can't think of a better cake and song.

Julia approacheth now,

U neither see nor hear,

Like thylacosmilus, the enemy 

Is really quite in fear,

As we all stand and wildly we do cheer!


Many happy returns of the day to a special gal, from all here at OoL!

But OoL too has its birthday as we restarted here after the shuffling off of our host, whose server had the blog coming from it, unbeknowns to many - yep, we were doing an Andrew Torba of our own.

Julia and I have never had a serious discussion about OoL and its future direction, where it goes; it largely flies under the radar and as we both run other blogs in a more or less full time way ... well, there it is.  Of course, if you have any great ideas, those are always welcome but until now, we've worked on "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

So once again, many happy returns to the chief admin of OoL and to OoL itself.

Saturday, 22 January 2022

All the pleasure, none of the responsibility

If I tend to address more "out there" topics, it's because Julia is so grounded in the minutiae of what's going down in real life, she has that covered.  

One of my core topics is trad relationships, meaning marriage in order to bonk and it's for resistance to social engineering reasons, of the danger of the State becoming mother and father - see Krankie's named person scheme north of the border, of mentoring, seizure of children from parents, even over a vaxx, any excuse - and it seems I'm not alone in the concern.  Gigi Giraud 83 brings this one:

The issue is not so much whether it's possible, happening etc. but more the mindset of the Schwab and Krankie minds who conceive of these things, excuse the pun.  For pun it is, because the core result of all this is a sterile, non- reproductive wasteland of indiscriminate bonking in perverse ways, with zero responsibility for what one does.  

That's happening right now in schools with curricula hidden from parents who are told they've relinquished their rights once the child is within the school gates. For a former head teacher like me, that's a horrifying thought.  Are teachers not also parents to a great degree?

Then look at the other side of it - state supported single motherhood either through the 'put it about, get preggers, go onto benefits' lifestyle or through IVF and an offputting aggressive feminazism, plus a work culture now which has less and less place for all but wimpy demi-men with wispy face fuzz.  The new SNAGs.

However it pans out, The Who were not that wide of the mark, methinks:

I for one am implacably opposed to agendas trying to kill off the ability of men and women to form meaningful partnerships where neither side runs the risk of either total ruin from mercenaries, nor physical danger in the home, despite the massed array of force turning that seemingly simple goal well nigh impossible in this social and political climate.

Or to put it more simply, I want men and women to like one another as people, quite aside from the chemistry.

Friday, 21 January 2022

Fewer People Like Lloyd Or Nate Is A Good Thing, That's True...

When Lloyd Williamson lay on his back in a GP’s clinic late last November, it was for the surgical culmination of years of soul searching. Williamson, who is 30 and from Essex, remembers wanting a family as a child, but something changed in his early 20s. “I thought: you know what? I don’t want to bring a life into this world, because it’s pretty shitty as it is and it’s only going to get worse,” he says, two weeks after his vasectomy.

You'd think his personality would be contraception renough, wouldn't you?  

Williamson, who works as a data support officer for Essex county council (he stood unsuccessfully as a Green party councillor in Chelmsford in 2019), says he knows of other young, childless men who are thinking of doing the same thing.

But then, this is Essex! 

Sadly, it's not confined to Essex:

It should not be surprising that a generation with increased awareness of the climate emergency is asking big questions about traditional family structures.

Translation: "These people are stupid enough to swallow anything, so no wonder they collude in their own destruction!" 

For Nate Miller (not his real name), a 36-year-old from Colorado, the election in 2016 of Donald Trump, a climate science denier, was the clincher.

Good. Maybe when enough of these people have embraced their own destruction, the overall IQ will go up a point or two. 

Thursday, 20 January 2022

Of people's dead and split families whilst the political class parties

This essentially follows on from reader Woodsy's comment which mentions Boris ... and I add that it only takes one person to make someone else's experience, most times fairly innocuous, either a pleasure or misery.

I do have an obnoxious neighbour just now who last evening was ranted at by another resident, he's quite oblivious that he could possibly be the cause of stress to others - this is the downside of libertarianism. To him, 'others' just get in the way of his 'progress', like carpentry in his flat at 9 p.m., then living it up through the night.

I'm not sure he's malicious at core, maybe just thoughtless as young men are, couldn't care less.

There are degrees of pathology and shifting the focus to those watching this blog for any signs of dissent from authoritarian decree, from an adopted and now exploded position which results in blanket application of a handed-down and increasingly wrong stance by those above us ... this has its parallel in the whole despotic behaviour by what we call 'karens', male and female.  

By the way, that's a lower case first letter, not capitalised, it's a general term, like peeping tom ... it does not mean every Tom, Dick or Harry are involved.

What is dismaying and dispiriting about this, a phenomenon well known by the cabal above, the hidden rulers of the darkness of the world, is that the common joe or jo so readily reacts to her/his newfound power to 'turn someone in' for not adhering to the exploded narrative in a jawohl mein fuhrer way, that this person almost 'gets off on' this newfound power, without any legal or constitutional authority to do so.

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Maybe The Fact Their 'Significant Relationships' Aren't With Parents Is The Issue..?

Former footballer Ian Wright has lamented cuts to youth centres and linked them to “lives being wasted” as he discussed an Arsenal-backed anti-knife crime campaign he is fronting alongside Idris Elba.

*sighs* Here we go again. Why are 'youth clubs' regarded as a key to stopping (mostly) black youths from acting like animals? 

Wright and Elba said one of its aims was to increase spaces for young people which may offer an alternative to gang violence.
Speaking to ITV, the former Arsenal striker said he had been “lucky” when he was growing up to have access to youth workers and “people who were looking out for me”.

You mean, your parents and relatives weren't..? 

“When you look at the last 10 years, 750 youth centres closed down, 4,500 people out of work, youth workers, people you build relationships with, people who know you, and then when you look at the lives that are being wasted… this campaign is about… inspiration and action.”

No, this campaign is about avoiding the elephant in the room. And it's clearly a Loxodonta africana. I don't see a rise in knife crime among young Chinese or Thai youth. 

The campaign was praised by Home Secretary Priti Patel, who described it as “hugely powerful” while Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also backed the drive.

That's all you need to know how effective it'll be, isn't it? 

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Elizabeth Holmes

Despite all the red flags, such as calling himself 'The Body Language Guy', then hitting us with this egregious 'hit like and subscibe before even telling us anything, buy my goods unseen', then flogging his book [that's not quite so bad, as it's free enterprise, innit] ... despite all that ...

... he's really not too bad ... makes some good points ... and I like how he concludes that she's not the classic psycho ... there are conditions she does not fulfil there for that designation.

Yet, as he shows, she did have these psycho phases in which she pitched her bullsh.  She may well have started out with a premise she believed in ... fear of needles ... and that's fair ... but she was also not alone, she did not do the biz part, this was guys in the background ... is it not ever the way?  

Yet she did go the route she did and investors bought it.  Why?

Part of that was simply that she was female.  As one susceptible to the female myself, as one who's spent inordinate swathes of time building up this girl or that, it was my job ... I can see the natural desire that this or that gal does well, succeeds.  It's nice to see it happen.

Where one starts to self-examine though is when the klutzy, overkilling establishment juggernaut latches onto the idea ... ah, promote the female on the grounds she has a baby chute, rather than understand that, just as with males ... there are those will make the cut ... and so many who won't.

But in the current twisted world of 'woman good, man bad' we find ourselves in, and increasingly, for variety, the twisted world of 'diverse good, indigenous bad' ... things become dismayingly skewed and the very worst people are promoted for an ideology, not on sheer merit.  Just look at parliament, congress.

Why were so many supposedly level-headed investors prepared to fork out like that?  Well, part of it is the man's hope that her smile can, in some way, become her favours, not so much in nooky but in her lovely presence just being around, her smile which makes the sun come out on an otherwise drab day, in the vicarious thrill of 'her'.

How so?  Well I'm the wrong one to ask, ask whoever designed male-female chemistry.

But it's there, it sells, it's easy to promote a Rebekah Brooks, her way is eased until the day she's caught out in her incompetence and her multiple sly moves.  

Enter the time of tears.

When a competent woman, what I call a good woman, runs things, things stay run, there's diligence in a woman, there are few dramas, if any the thing goes like clockwork.  There is most certainly this X factor of women out there who are more than capable, they need no approval from us, one does not hear of them because they're not show ponies like Holmes.  

In fact, the Holmeses and Fiorinas, the Caroline Flints, by their very self-promotion and bullsh, are red flags to anyone at least half-observant and not sucked in by narrative.  Why do they fly high for awhile?  

Because the people assessing these toxic femmes are blinded by the male-female chemistry, because the TFs spin a good yarn with all the right jargon, because they start to believe all the complimentary bullsh they're fed 24/7, because the high life is alluring ... because of so many things.  Because of their own uncontained ambition.

I believe that male and female working alongside one another are an unbeatable combo ... neither a psycho male boss nor an Elizabeth Holmes dominating ... I've seen it work so often in the workplace, the input is healthy, never skewed.  The narrative needs to be kept out of it, the foibles of each sex too. They both need to keep tabs on the other.

It works.  With eyes wide open.

Monday, 17 January 2022

If Only We Could Ban Stupid Parents...

A mum is calling for tiny toy magnets to be banned after her six-year-old daughter had to have emergency surgery to remove part of her bowel. Jane Bailey's daughter Melody swallowed four small magnetic balls - which then began to 'burn' through her internal organs as they attracted to each other.

The woman appeared on the ITV lunchtime news, and my immediate suspicion that she'd turn out to be someone with more chins than IQ points wasn't wrong...

The 30-year-old mum, who works as a support worker for people with learning difficulties, is trying to raise awareness of the dangers toy magnets can pose.

Don't we already know? Haven't there already been numerous cases?

The mum of two was gobsmacked by the whole ordeal, having heard about cases involving other children before and warning both Melody and her older sister Lucia Bailey, 11, about the dangers.

Wait, but then... 

But she says the pair were influenced by a social media trend to put the magnetic balls in their mouths as faux tongue and lip piercings, leading Melody to swallow some.

*sighs* Is the danger the magnets, social media or people with no idea of parenting? Or maybe it's all three... 

Sunday, 16 January 2022

Tyburn hill gibbets for her and all like her?

From Sunday morn's  Daily Sceptic mailing

Before diving into the numbers this week, I’d like to give a big shout out to Ms. Kate Josephs CBE, formerly the Director of the Cabinet Office Covid taskforce. According to the Telegraph, which broke the story of her leaving party, she “literally wrote the rules” in relation to societal restrictions.

Ms. Josephs took to twitter yesterday to apologise for attending a leaving drinks party on December 17th 2020, when she had been substantially responsible for putting the rest of the country under house arrest. She writes about being “truly sorry” for attending the event – she clearly means she’s sorry for being exposed.