Saturday, 23 October 2021

The north-south divide

#  Surely topography was crucial. North London is hilly. Not enough to hinder urban development, but enough to hinder the kind of dense surface-rail network needed to serve it.

#  The surface rail network was possibly more extensive than you may think, as many of the tube extensions to North London were, with a few exceptions, over the existing lines of the railway companies-LNER, LMS and GWR.

#  It is a pity that the Alexandra Palace branch was not completed as that would likely have covered some of the area where TfL want Crossrail 2. I could have walked there, but had to get a bus to either Highgate or Bounds Green in order to catch a tube. I did sometimes walk to New Southgate & Friern Barnet station (now just New Southgate) for the main line, which is the intended terminus of Crossrail 2.

#  The Piccadilly line extension to Cockfosters, as an exception, was a new route mostly on the surface but had to bore under Old Southgate before re-emerging on the surface, so that bit of topography was not ideal for a surface line.

#  South London has lots of railways but they are an absolute mess to navigate (because of the history of inter-railway competition); the infrastructure is all there but it could really do with service simplification to get that tube-like ease of use.



For those single-jabbed - good luck but at least you saw.

For those double-jabbed - anxiety.

For those with the 256 day renewable mix and match booster - prayers.

Friday, 22 October 2021

I Don't Care That I've Won, I Want To Rub Their Noses In It...

In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, music producer Ian Brennan criticised the band’s decision to continue to “play and profit” from the song, which he said glorified slavery, rape, torture and paedophilia.

Blimey, it's going to blow his mind if he ever listens to 'Young Girl' by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap... 

Speaking to the Guardian following Richards’ comments, Brennan urged the Rolling Stones to “seize this moment” to educate their “gigantic platform” on racial equality.

Yup, that's what people go to Rolling Stones concerts for, after all.... 

He said: “That they now retire the song is a victory. But that the band continue to play coy as to the reasons for their decision rather than just making a frank admission of the inappropriateness of the lyrics as the reason why they have chosen to no longer play the song live is an opportunity for healing and leadership missed.”

It seems I'm in agreement with Piers Morgan once again; all they've shown is cowardice in grovelling to this grubby little pipsqueak. And until people grow a spine and tell these single-issue shysters to take a hike, it'll go on and on forever.

Thursday, 21 October 2021

No Mothers There!

It is my firm belief that we, as a nation, should go back to the Cambridge English Dictionary, so as to establish a term, a name, a noun for a female, especially these females, who simply do not deserve the Title, the honourable Name: of a Mother.

A Mother is not only the one who carries you for nine months before giving you life; a Mother is the one who brings you up, who gives her own life as an example to her child; who bandages your knee, and then kisses it better; who tucks you in at night; who worries beyond reason when you are ten minutes late, after you promised that you would be back on time from a date, or from a dance. A Mother is the one who loves you unconditionally, and would stand in front to protect you from harm.

What indeed would you call a lesbian and her ‘wife/partner/whatever who battered tiny Star Hobson  so fiercely that her main vein carrying blood back to the heart from the legs and organs of the abdomen had been torn, causing major blood loss. 

Star also suffered a split to the liver, a tear to the fatty attachments of the bowel and bruising to the lower part of the lungs and the pancreas. 

Prosecutor Alistair MacDonald QC said the injuries had been caused by a severe and forceful blow or blows, ‘either in the form of punching, stamping or kicking to the abdomen’. 

Sixteen month-old Star was left lying dead on the floor for fifteen minutes before this couple of monsters concocted a plan to lie to the ambulance staff, before they made a 999 call to those Emergency Services.

As the trial progresses, it would be both unwise and illegal to further comment upon the fate of these two monsters: but I believe it is perfectly acceptable to opine that to call this pair ‘monsters’ is being grossly unfair to the monsters of this world.

Ulrike Marie Meinhof

Private picture, supplied to Wiki by Ulrike Meinhofs daughter, Bettina

Going to quote from this post from November 21st, 2007, so you'll understand how long this has been a motif:

It's this hunger to be someone special over and above the common throng which allows Ralph to become a brownshirt in the Sound of Music. It's this constant talent spotting by those above, this search for “leadership”, from the Bilderbergers commented on by Etienne Davignon in this exchange:

Additionally, [the journalist] says, "all the recent presidents of the European Commission attended Bilderberg meetings before they were appointed." Davignon's response: He and his colleagues are "excellent talent spotters."

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Perhaps If She'd Insisted She Was Really A Man, She'd Still Have A Job...

A nurse has unsuccessfully tried to sue the NHS after claiming she was being secretly hypnotised at work - to force her to uncontrollably break wind.

*boggle* Gosh, I hope she was just a five-a-day consultant or something, not in a trusted position.

The Acute Medical Unit nurse...


...described it as ‘extremely bothersome’ when she sent an email at work in April 2019. Its claims led bosses to become concerned about her mental health and they referred her to an occupational health team.

They weren't concerned before? Surely there was some warning? 

Three different doctors saw her, with two deeming she was unfit to work, and the Trust repeatedly tried to get her to see a psychiatrist. However, Miss Samson insisted she was not mentally ill and refused to see the psychiatrist, claiming she thought she was being ‘experimented upon’.

At least they acted, this time. 

Miss Samson was suspended then sacked in December 2019 for refusing to cooperate with psychiatric help, with the Trust saying ‘there was no other option’ than dismissal.

One hopes her card is well and truly marked and she can't apply for any other nursing job? But it's strange, isn't it, how some delusions are not tolerated, and some are not only tolerated but 'celebrated'? 

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Strange bedfellows

I'm not a Roman Catholic, I was christened into the Church of England as a baby and yet our family was not in the least religious, nor political.   I vaguely knew my father's politics but can't be sure.  My childhood was study, riding my bike with the kids and football. Plus girls in the latter stages.  Now I'd say I'm a political animal, as all political bloggers are.

My youtube watching I can list - the last few were Letterman/Conan, a Dirk Bogarde film, the truck driving issue in the UK and The Art of Noise with Rik Mayall.  So why on earth would youtube recommend this one to me in prime place?

Furthermore, why would I, knowing both Julia's and Grandpa's views on the matter and given the walkout at OoL nearing a decade ago, run this youtube?  

The answer is - just watch the man and consider what he is saying.  Hmmmmmm, is the church becoming highly politicised, or is it finally doing as the Catholic Church should have and didn't do during Hitler and Stalin?  Because if the Catholic Church about turns and swings in behind our side of politics, I'd say the Great Reset is going to be quite different to what the miscreants imagine.

Monday, 18 October 2021

Now They Are Worried..?

Sir Lindsay Hoyle spoke to Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel following the fatal stabbing of the 69-year-old MP in his Southend West constituency.
He added: 'Those people who do not share our values or share democracy, they will not win and we won't let them win. We will continue to look at security, that is ongoing and it will continue.'

Very Churchillian, Sir Lindsay, but Churchill fought to keep the Nazis from landing at Dover. 

What's Border Farce doing under Priti Patel? Escorting them in by the hundreds... 

Every politician is currently thought to have had a security assessment in the constituency, and they get a 'standard' package such as alarm systems, shutters, CCTV and personal alarms for staff.
However, there are concerns that most of the measures are applied to offices and homes, while surgeries often happen at churches or other buildings that might not be secure.

That sounds like a failing of security assessments then. A gap you can drive a truck through.  

A senior Parliamentary source told MailOnline: 'The Commons will have a complete review again. Police need to be at surgeries. It is the only solution.'

We don't have enough police to keep our streets safe, and you want more of them standing idly by while Mrs Miggins complains about the amount of dog poo on the street outside her house? 

It's not, of course, the only solution at all. And you know it.

There is no genuine national conversation

The vaccine passports were already ordered to be printed in the UK even while still not mandatory.  There is gross subterfuge in so many ways or at a minimum, great opacity and not being forthcoming, requiring us to dig deeper than we should have to.

This came to my email inbox from TDS:

Campaigners from the Together Declaration group which opposes the introduction of vaccine passports will soon meet with members of the parliamentary Covid Recovery Group (CRG) along with other MPs and will together demand that the Government never imposes these passes, including under the pretext of an “exceptionally difficult winter“. The Sunday Express has the story.

Campaigners for the Together Declaration petition, already signed by almost 110,000 people, fear that the U.K. Government will be pushed into agreeing to a so-called ‘Plan B’ to bring in new restrictions over the winter.

It follows warnings by Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty last week that the NHS will “experience an exceptionally difficult winter” this year. …

Already, Sir Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee, which represents backbench Conservative MPs has signed the declaration.

He said: “‘Vaccine passports would set an alarming precedent where our medical records become public and some people are subjected to discrimination as they seek to go about their everyday lives. Surely that isn’t the kind of society that we want to create?”

The whole notion of rolling something out, committing billions in taxpayer and borrowed money, even before a month of hearings, especially given the experimental innoculations involving foetuses and graphene, is nothing short of grotesque. Given around 790,000 adverse events in the US alone [Senator Johnson] and that this is a global mandatory coercion.  Did I say grotesque?  How about criminal?

Sunday, 17 October 2021

MP’s death was Assisted suicide

At this tragic time for Sir David Amess’ family, I hate to speak the truth, but his death was brought on by his own Government, the last Labour Government, and by, unfortunately,  his own, and the rest of his fellow MPs actions and inactions in and outside of Parliament.

It is said that one of Her Majesty’s crowning achievements is the continuation and strengthening of the British Commonwealth of Nations. I have always had a deep and abiding respect for Queen Elizabeth, I believe that we here in these ‘Sceptred Isles’ have been fortunate enough, for over seventy years, to have a Monarch who is truly ‘Non Pareil’. But, and I am certain that there is, and always has been, a caveat within the Governments who have ruled in Her name. They have seemingly always given preference, in immigration terms, to people who are citizens of that Commonwealth. 

Residents from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, overwhelmingly white, Anglo-Saxon and mainly Christian, people just like ourselves, have always been welcomed, mainly because they are, indeed, just like us. When in the European Union, the migrants we welcomed were overwhelmingly from Poland, a Christian Country, from all over the European Union came people mainly just like us, with the exception of Romania and Bulgaria. But, in 1997, camed the Labour secret of pulling in Diversity migrants from the farther corners and crevices of that Commonwealth; from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh: mainly all of whom were Muslim. 

This insane policy was carried on by the Tories, none of whom seemed to give two shits about the lunacy of dropping thousands of foreigners, with vastly differing idea and ideals, into their constituents’ neighbourhoods. 

When the British Army was fighting the IRASinnFein murderers, on both the Province and the Mainland, they  knew exactly what sort of terrorist they were dealing with. They knew about the car bombs, they knew about the IRA’s habit of shooting soldiers in the back, but they also knew that that same IRA had a healthy policy for saving their own skins. But when the first of the Muslim terror attacks began, the Army and the Police were faced with a different foe: a foe who wanted to die, as long as he killed as many as he could find within the reach of his suicide belt, all for the glory of his prophet Mohammed.

We come now to the present day, when over 17,000 dingy divers have crossed over the Channel this year alone. I would estimate about eighty percent of those arriving were young Muslim men of fighting age.Then add the estimated 25,000 bloody Afghan ‘refugees’ evacuated from that Muslim cess pit, because, mainly, their brother’s cousin’s father’s sister worked for the British Army about fifteen years ago. 

Add that tiny number to the three-odd million Muslims already here, the vast majority who have come, legally or or illegally, and then remember that Sir David Amess was murdered by a member of a Somali family who have lived here for twenty years, and, as one neighbour stated “’The family have been here for more than 20-years and are very quiet but really nice, friendly people. The children didn’t play out much, they always tended to be inside studying.’

The bloody Muslims cannot be trusted, their ‘effing Koran is all they read and obey. The belief is that this killer was ‘Radicalised’ during the Covid lockdown. Bollocks; remember when it was confirmed that a poll conducted, in 2005 by the Fafo Foundation in the Palestinian Authority, found that 65% of respondents supported the September 11 attacks. This desire to kill, to maim and murder is in their Koran, their bloody DNA, and the only way to exorcise this cancer in the midst of us is to perform drastic political surgery! 

Reform these insane ‘Human Rights Laws’, bring back a robust prison system, allow all forms of communication intercepts: state categorically that no-one gets out of prison early, institute reforms to Migration systems to suspend and stop any further migration from Commonwealth Countries whom we will choose, and best of all, bring back Capital Punishment for all and any Murder!