Thursday, 1 December 2022

The vulnerable, protection and educational choice

The vulnerable and their protection


A plumber has charged a lady of 79 £356.00 to put PTFE on a leaking pipe. The PTFE only costs 13p. 


Wayne, the plumber, has been back to the property in Sabden. He gave her a full refund, and he has ordered a new filling loop. I will collect the part tomorrow and fit it, she is now happy. Wayne was really sorry, and a hug made it better.

While there's certainly a callout charge and labour ....... it's quite off.  And it needs a washer, not tape. Here's another:

My dad of 77yrs got done by a plumber 2 weeks ago when his shower stopped working. Charged him £147 for call out then wouldn’t look at the job because he was allergic to dogs. My dad paid him because he was frightened. I will find this plumber and get his cash back!

Personally, I'm being heavied by the electricity supplier to fit a "smart" meter ... letters, texts, an email. If it involves putting any details online, I'm not doing it. If not, I'm still not doing it.

Educational choice

Let me say right off the bat that I was both LEA educated (nursery/primary), then eleven-plus, then did two years at a prep school which was attached to a "public school" as one of its "feeders", which I then attended to the bitter end.

Having experienced both those types but not a grammar school, still I'm all for grammar schools for political reasons. 

To my mind, a bright, industrious child, male or female, should also have the option of independent if parents can afford it, grammar if worthy, technical if the aptitude is there, or otherwise LEA administered. I'm a big fan of tech and apprenticeships.

Furthermore, girls learn best in all-female, boys in mixed. Unlike many pro grammar school pundits I've read, with their inverted snobbishness against independent schools, independents do have their place ... they're not all Etons and Harrows.  Often the parents scrimp and save so that their little spotty herbert can attend.

(I'm going to post this last part across the way as well.)

Wednesday, 30 November 2022

What Happened To 'First, Do No Harm'..?

Older people who spend time in hospital are being discharged suffering from long-lasting incontinence because NHS staff are too busy to take them to the toilet while they're on the ward, experts warn.
One reason, say specialists, is inappropriate use of urinary catheters – a tube inserted into the urinary tract which empties the contents of the bladder into a drainage bag. There are strict criteria for who should have one fitted, including those with existing urinary incontinence and patients unable to move due to having undergone a major operation or suffering spinal or pelvic injuries.
But research has revealed that on some wards the procedure has become almost standard practice.
And why? Because it makes the staff's job easier...

Is there an institution in the UK that isn't letting down the people it's there to help?

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

This and that

That’s fine, Elon:

Now, how about this?


I don’t eat Walker’s crisps anyway:

As for cricket:

Same the world over, whatever the sport.

Monday, 28 November 2022


Eco-zealots are said to be planning to 'swarm and block' roundabouts in a fresh wave of action targeting road users, expected to take place during rush hour tomorrow.
You think you're causing chaos for motorists? 

You're tiddlers. Watch what a Great White does to motorists...

Saturday, 26 November 2022

Just this and that, you know

The alien invasion

With the greatest respect to our esteemed masters behind our beloved leaders, just why would you deport or refuse to admit foreign students to universities based on merit and cash?  Answer under the new communism is, of course … intelligentsia meeting up with local intelligentsia, such as it is.  Subversive, that.  Seditious.

Why not concentrate on this lot instead?

Think you know the answer to that by now.

Woke firms and Twitter

Chevrolet, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., Ford, Jeep, Kyndryl, Merck & Co. and Novartis AG all issued statements about halting Twitter ads or were reported and confirmed as doing so. The others ceased advertising on the platform for a "significant period of time following direct outreach, controversies, and warnings from media buyers."

Eli Lilly and Co. stopped showing ads on Twitter the day after an account impersonating the pharmaceutical company — complete with a purchased blue check mark — posted, "We are excited to announce insulin is free now."

Eli Lilly asked Twitter to take it down, but the tweet remained up for hours, because the platform's staff was stretched thin due to recent layoffs and resignations. The tweet garnered hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes, and Eli Lilly's stock soon took a dive.

My question … are the actual Woke going broke, or are they complicit in, whether through fear or greed, as James Melville suggests:

… the most gigantic asset and freedom theft in the modern history of the west?  Led by psychos in Davos.

Friday, 25 November 2022

Sorting out true allies and enemies is crucial at this point

Again this is Julia’s day at OoL and rather than leave it blank, I’m going to do that which I really do not wish to … repost here this morning’s post at N.O.

It would take the wisdom of Job to sort this one, matey.  Or the wisdom of God. I’m going to tackle this in “real time”, rather than present a constructed journo or academic article.

Woke up, literally, did whatever, checked emails, youtube and Gab and wham … suddenly, there was this:

Right, as a generalist who gathers and puts together a blog, I see the incoming but there’s just too bleedin’ much of it, esp. given my age and not being 100% well, to be expected in this situation.  So, still thinking about knitting, there’s IYE at NOWP and it’s sickening, nauseating.  Then I saw the Wyatt gab and posted it last thing last night.

So there’s that to bloodhoubd … the paedo thing, plus this clots thing where all major players are sniping at each other, plus Lake and Murkowski and the rank cheating, p,us Biden’s secret oil move (yet to break), plus domestic things here demanding time. All this is just to point out that the situation facing a generalist admin is that he can’t devote the proper time to any topic … and ge should, in order to avoid the glib, trite and journalistic.

So, for now, this Dr. Joe, Steve Kirsch, John Looney, Robert Malone thing, something Dr. Joe said strikes a chord, rings a bell.

From the get-go, he’s getting stuck into Stew Peters but he also writes:
But unfortunately it tainted that and other good information (such as presented by Dr. Ryan Cole, Steve Kirsch and Dr. James Thorp) by covering it with a lot of garbage.
Uh huh.  So he’s praising SK and damning SP, yet Steve Kirsch himself (url one more time) now writes:

Then you can read the rebuttal I just got from Ryan Cole, MD and decide for yourself who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you.

Something is overwhelmingly wrong with the “clot shot.” If he were half awake, his conjecture would not be reflecting  the myopic view of the inside of his inexperienced anus.
Now, in this matter, I am Joe Public.  How the hell can I suddenly become (whatever those big words are) in the medical field and yet there’s sufficient functioning brain in my head to see the anomaly of Dr. Josh attacking Stew P who is presenting the Steve K supported line about these clot shots being abnormal.

Sounds like a whole lot of confusion and confounding going on on the dissident side and who’s rubbing the hands gleefully and chuckling at it all?

Why … Fauci, the depts like CDC etc., the Pepfar Pence boys and gals, the Demrats, anyone supporting this whole Covid narrative … Klaus and all of them are adoring all this.  What is happening here is that a whole lot of hotheaded alpha males are headbutting  over something and I come back to my own criticisms again in this post:

The substance I still support but my own manner is uncomfortably like those of the hothead males I’ve just been calling out.  Yet these and the Simone Golds, Naomi Wolfs and so on are precisely the sorts of “hotheads” who move things forward, who address real grievances of a ling-suffering public.  It’s the fearless globo slayers who make the progress, not the vile Schwabs and treasonous Pences.

And as readers of N.O. know, I’m a fan of the female of our species, thinking Kari Lake, Kathy Gyngell, Laura Perrins … that sort of gal, esp. mothers protecting their young.

And yet … of thecsame species are the Clinton horror, Murkowski, Harbag for PIE here and all those single pregnants who are quite happy to use full term abortion as a lifestyle fix.  Rachel Chandler mentioned on the paedo issue.  Alisson Mack.

And then there’s this morning’s Canadian monster, not yet posted, via MftWC:
Chrystia Freeland: The dangerous WEF devotee behind Trudeau’s Canadian project
Was she not the cow charged by Soy Boy with taking down the truckers while he was in hiding?  Or was that another “woman”, using the term advisedly for those Cressida Dicks and Joyce Thackers of limited brain, overweening egos and zero moral compass?

Dangerous?  In that she’d certainly do her worst to ordinary people in order to serve her masters … yes she is.  But as we found out in the case of big-noting Rebekah Brooks, lording it over the now dead NotW publication … when that master says lampshade time, where’s your power then?  Eh, Liz Truss?

So where does all this leave us?  I’d say between a rock and a hard place, staring down the barrels of the globo fiends unless the unhetdable cats like Steve Kirsch and the rest of us can suspend our own frustrated impatience ling enough to combine, as allies.  And I do include men plus women, combined, in that too.

Thursday, 24 November 2022

Total minefield, this is

The first thing to point out in a much needed rebuttal of a certain “doctor” is that there’s all out war for hearts and minds going on … and I do mean “all out” war.

The second is that we … you, me … have information overload … if you glance at the amount we post at our site across the way (N.O.), it can get up to twenty or thirty items a day … and even that’s mostly linking or summaries.

The third is the cursory reader … the one who works full time and who holds a mix of “healthy” scepticism as a rule, plus a bullish mindset I call “Colonel Harrumph (retired)” who asserts, “I’ve read all the literature and nowhere does it say …” which really means “nowhere did I find coz I wasn’t looking with any degree of laser penetration, I just wanted to be able to debunk the conspiracy theorists, a priori.”.

This latter, this mindset, the absolute importance, in your public field, of your bona fides being wholly accepted because upon that lies your very livelihood … this causes anyone in Britain at least, called “doctor”, to be scrutinised to the nth degree by retired people like us who are very much distrustful in the wake of the covid and vaxx debacle, esp. of Ferguson, Whitty and the NHS.

Remember, I mentioned hearts and minds, rather than the “science itself being settled” … they can diverge.

And as a consequence of all the above factors combined, we get a fourth factor … the 80-20 syndrome.  

This is where a person, quite disinclined to have his trust in what and whom he personally knows and trusts upturned, comes in, a priori, and commits confirmation bias simply through dislike, detestation of the messenger/ferreter, along with not being up to date, not being at the cutting edge for that last 20%.  

How could he be up to date if he works fulltime in a different area to that which we work in … our field being investigation 24/7, 7/52.  Yet he “bowls in” (my own emotive word construct) and opens with “typical trash from”.  

Now, we do not quote Stew Peters as a rule for the same reason we do not touch Before it’s News, Epoch, multiple johnny-come-lately “conservative” sites which look and sound good, except that there is something iffy in the manner, the poor navigation, the 24/7 demand for money “to keep us afloat”, a host of reasons we’ve learnt bitterly over time.  We’re still wiping egg off our faces.

We’re talking here of those “cashing in” or if not that, then at least infiltrating in order to steer debate, and using our own nomenclature and buzz phrases in order to control our output.

Which gets into a highly dangerous field … defamation.  Rightly or wrongly, this “doctor” has defamed Stew Peters and his article goes into why.  I was open to this “doctor” for a few reasons.  One is that the Daily Sceptic has a good name on our side, he has an article in that publication, on the strength of his being a “doctor”.

Doctor of what though?  I do not personally like that Naomi Wolf, a feminist author, calling herself doctor, which she is … a doctor in academia but not a medical doctor in the least … does not go out of her way to underscore that point, unlike Dr. Simone Gold, recently released from prison, who is very much a medical doctor.

But is she a doctor within this field of epidemiology?  

And can someone working in labs equally see that something is untoward in the research, someone for example like Judy Mikovits whom the Woke Wikipedia has in first place on ggl search, “… an American former research scientist who is known for her discredited medical claims …”

… which in itself is highly suspect but to know why, you’d need to wade through the former sites of ours now taken down from above, now a plethora of sites, all involving digging and input from readers.  

In short, this thing is a minefield, the fifth factor.  

If you are 100% in this line of work … ferreting, aggregating, sifting, discarding, keeping, gradually building lists of the trustworthy, the iffy and the downright discredited, then you can perhaps nail 80% of it but still not get that last 20% … there are endless twists and turns.

For example, even if you establish this man’s medical qualification as being within this field of epidemia, he’s still of a certain name, from a certain continent and from a certain ethnic/religious group which OoL for one is neither openly touching nor condemning … it’s simply too dangerous for this site, for me, for our other people.  You have eyes and a scrolling finger … do it, find out for yourself.

And the sixth factor (six factors being by no means complete and exhaustive, given the constant twists and turns) is the iceberg factor.

Meaning that what people say, write, do, in the open public space by no means says anything about the rest of the iceberg below.  Which leads to a seventh factor … ancient enmities and a person needing to be of a certain caste, group, ethinicity, beluef system, to know thst bullsh is being perpetrated here.

Look at two things … firstly the good “doctor’s” title … from which discipline it is, from where, geographically, from where they themselves emanated … and then look at whom he attacks immediately in the heading.

If I say that I’d lay odds he’d also attack Andrew Torba, are you any closer to tumbling to it?  A new testament scholar certainly would be … instantly.  But try telling that to the secular, rationalist or Woke masses.  And as I say, it’s too dangerous for me to continue.

My concluding request is … be very much aware of that iceberg and all the other factors. There is an expression about “knowing them by their fruits”, by those they hang around with.  Nuff said.

Wednesday, 23 November 2022


Putting this up now, on behalf of Julia and Grandpa, for tomorrow, wishing our American readers:

... giving the food a head start if they'd like:

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

The suppressed story often speaks differently

This post is on a hiding to nothing, simply because there are quite strong emotions involved and two diametrically opposed sides. I'm quite cognisant of Julia's libertarian views on speech and I concur ... but the only thing which would happen today is an all out slanging match where both sides would come in with their organised selection of incidents and slant ... ne'er the twain will meet ... utterly pointless, given the purpose of the post.

Which is this ... it's not a debate, it is just me presenting from material supplied by both pro Russian and my Ukro mate, material I'd say not many would have seen.  As for my stance ... it's part of my overall stance that a nation has every right to defend itself from neighbours when its real enemies have gone into that neighbouring nation and put in missile silos, a string of biochemical and anthrax labs, where that foreign power has installed and bolstered a puppet clown leader ... and all the rest of it.  Where that neighbour dumps boatloads of the unwanted in British waters.

The UN in Darfur, the USSR during the Cuban missile crisis, Argentina claiming something quite bollox about sovereignty over the Falklands … Argentina never existed when this all happened ... obviously Russia and the Ukraine ... and so many more.  Even Israel and daily rocket attacks from Philistine (sic) territory (Gaza).

In no way does my stance exonerate that big nation, not in the least ... violations abound, they need addressing ... but a nation, any nation, does have the right to defend itself, that's if you believe in "nations" per se and their peoples.  As I say, I'm not interested in debating something where one side - globo and its MSM - present one narrative only.  Here's something from the suppressed side for once - not a "view" but what did occur.

Consider this map:

Monday, 21 November 2022

For readers

The sharp-eyed among you would expect a post from Julia this morning but it seems there are currently tech issues in Ambush Predator land, although she's still overseeing the blog from her phone (moderating).  We wish her PC the very best of health and also herself ... I also know she's under pressure in various ways just now.

Julia usually leads Monday, Wednesday, Friday and I tend to post Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday ... it's not that there are not enough issues ... a glance at our blog across the way shows there's no shortage of current issues ... it's just that we're loathe to alter the format.  We also have Grandpa doing the occasional but no one knows when those will appear. :)

My post will appear tomorrow as usual, all being well, Julia's asap.