Sunday 25 February 2024

Nature abhors a vacuum

There was a series on Philby, Burgess and Maclean … the Cambridge clowns who got ideas into their heads and never grew up, politically, a bit like Norman Geras, Corbyn, that one in the States … that was also seen fictitiously in Callan with a nutty professor and what reminded me of it now was the discussion at Leggy’s, which I get feeds from.

The plan has always been Stage 4 Marxism, toted as the stage before the Reset, the Nu-Nirvana … except it’s a total lie.  All you actually get by tearing down institutions is chaos and anarchy, then filled by either warlords and marauders or total Hamas type satanic perversion, ditto with World Culture with kids drugged out, brittle and violent … and eventually these Weimar Republics give way to the strong man who sets it all right …

… before starting his own agenda … Hitler/Stalin. Almost no one any more notes these things which have been sitting here to post for months:

Renew and rebuild eh?  But why does it even need it? Well in most ways, e.g. the Net Zero lunacy … it’s needed only to destroy western civilisation, not to Rebuild … the people don’t need the Reset at all … not in that way at least … quite the opposite.

What the people do need comes back to the Burke quote … thus we go round in circles … it needs institutions reinforced and their destroyers neutralised.

Plus another maxim … nature abhors a vacuum … if you crash institutions, something else pours in … invaders, barbarians, murderers and rapists, savages … voila.  Back to Burke again.

And the real kicker … something is preventing human brains, western brains, from seeing this truism … that what’s needed is to repair and maintain these institutions, to fill in the potholes, collect the bins … but that can only happen if human minds acknowledge the truth Burke and Elliot noted above … plus these from the current day:

… or this from long ago, still true now:

And back to a tweet from the current day:

Start with feckless relationships, where both sexes have high “body counts” … great recipe for the sanctity of marriage, yes? If your very foundations are rotten, what then?

Appalling parenting, usually but not always with single parents, the rise of the new brats … they become the young teachers under Marxist heads … parliament is riddled with the same disease … and what do kids learn at school? Perverted sex, abortion, drugs pre-pubescence, World Culture as epitomised by Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber … a society based on them?  Think on’t.

Not just planned for decades but you could easily go back, maybe not as far as Marx but to the Lincoln School of the late 1800s, based on crazy Wundt, through to the Frankfurt School from where Critical Theory arose:

Offshoots include MK Ultra, Manchurians, 12-atonalism in music to upset and antagonise, rather than to harmonise … NLP … it goes on and on and on … the Great Replacement for eternal verities. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, can be called insanity … mass psychosis.

In the end, it comes down to a very simple principle … the arrogance that the human is perfectable by his own efforts, complete in every detail … that, my friends, is utter bollox. We come back, over and over again, to Burke and Elliot at the top of this post.

There it is.

Saturday 24 February 2024

The farmers are going the way of the truckers

… poor sods … and we can do nothing ourselves to help keep them afloat … which will be on our heads once the Joseph motif is repeated.

Joseph motif? Yep … in ancient Egypt … grain in silos during the drought … Pharoah’s man metes it out to approved people so they can live … globopsycho knows the story very well … all food under their control, meted out by Q code, water poisoned in lakes and streams by chem trails, only state bottled water is drinkable, potable … you know the scenario.

There’s a real dilemma and I can see this going the way of the poor truckers. Just repeating these two:

The bstds in their comfy armchairs, grins on their faces, drinks in hand, six figure salaries plus kickbacks, are simply waiting for farmers to give it away, unsupported, plod beating them with batons … then globopsycho karens move in and start taking bank accounts.

All because we did not go out and help. Therein lies the dilemma. I could go locally to our town square, I no longer drive. You commute to work every week day.

Well can I give money?  Gladly but look at what happened to donors to the truckers … bank accounts seized, scammers stealing, admins raking off the incoming funds.  

Well what if someone were to drive around, like delivery drivers, show ID and we’d give them cash? Ah … cash … yes … all digital coming in right now.

And who are the poor sods of farmers hoping to persuade by these protests?  The very globopsyscho doing this to them? And by extension … to us?  We’ve seen thug-plod sent in, in riot gear, choosing soft targets and wielding batons at some 90 year old lady, gutless cowards. That bit doesn’t dissuade … I’d certainly take out one or two before going down.

Ultimately, what do Schultz, Gates et al want?  Conflagration, innit … warfare, bloodshed … while they sit in their comfy armchairs, grins on their faces, drinks in hand, six figure salaries plus kickbacks.  Everything their way.

Friday 23 February 2024

Genuinely Greening The UK

England is launching a biodiversity credit scheme this week that attempts to force all new road and housebuilding projects to benefit nature, rather than damage it.
The “nature market”, called biodiversity net gain (BNG), means all new building projects must achieve a 10% net gain in biodiversity or habitat. If a woodland is destroyed by a road, for example, another needs to be recreated. This can happen either on site or elsewhere.
The requirement becomes law under the Town and Country Planning Act on 12 February for larger sites, and on 2 April 2024 for smaller sites.

Wow, some genuinely smart and wide ranging legislation! I didn't think the Tories had it in them! 

Internationally, “it’s one of the most ambitious schemes we’ve seen”, said Duffus. “Other places are watching us and seeing how it unfolds. If done well I think it could inspire a lot of other markets to develop in different countries.”
Those already hoping to copy the idea or use it to develop their own include Sweden, Singapore, Scotland and Wales, she said.

Isn't it nice to be a world leader in something good for a change? Surely there's a cloud on the horizon though? 

However, regulators lack the staff to check the pledged habitat benefits actually materialise. Zu Ermgassen was part of a study that found that more than a quarter of BNG units are at risk of leading to no tangible increases in biodiversity because there is no monitoring system in place.

Ah. Of course. Once again, ambition is brought low by lack of support.  

Thursday 22 February 2024

Speak softly and carry a big stick

This is going to be long, stretching well below the “Read more” line.  Where does one even start? Also, this is one post written at and for OoL readers and then transferred to N.O. as my opening post of the day. There are many separate ideas all mashed together, inc. thoughts on how we conduct our keyboard warfare itself.

First … the origin of the post title:
Big stick ideology, big stick diplomacy, big stick philosophy, or big stick policy refers to an aphorism often said by the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt; "speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far".

The American press during his time, as well as many modern historians today, used the term "big stick" to describe the foreign policy positions during his administration. Roosevelt described his style of foreign policy as "the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis".

As practiced by Roosevelt, big stick diplomacy had five components. First, it was essential to possess serious military capability that would force the adversary to pay close attention. At the time that meant a world-class navy; Roosevelt never had a large army at his disposal. 

The other qualities were to act justly toward other nations, never to bluff, to strike only when prepared to strike hard, and to be willing to allow the adversary to save face in defeat.

The idea is negotiating peacefully but also having strength in case things go wrong. 

Simultaneously threatening with the "big stick", or the military, ties in heavily with the idea of Realpolitik, which implies a pursuit of political power that resembles Machiavellian ideals.

It is comparable to gunboat diplomacy, as used in international politics by the powers.
There’s one part of that only that I vehemently disagree with and that’s the second last paragraph above … simultaneously etc.

All right … my objection to the second last “simultaneously” paragraph is that the US military right now, plus the British, are doing quite the opposite to what big stick policy should be. 

Look at Vlad and how he’s operating right now, then look at the US and UK laughing stocks, like big talking children.

Does anyone remember the Somali pirates attacking a Russian ship off the coast? The Russkies boarded and captured the Somali boat, handcuffed the crew to the railings and sank the boat.

The golden rule is do not threaten … just do

It is being used with telling effect by the deathcult and blacks in western nations, where one or eight of them suddenly attack, rape, knife, machete soft targets … and what softer targets are there than old people or gung ho girls who think they have a golden pass to free movement, protected by feminazi law?

I’m suggesting we in soc-med need a big rethink … never constantly threaten if you can’t carry it out. Once in a Russian class, I warned a girl to start being respectful … she didn’t, I ordered her out … the other girls were appalled … everyone else just constantly threatened, no one actually did what they said. I was backed by the admin. Job done. But that was Russia, not the soft underbelly west.

There’s way too much big talk online, threats by us which none of us could ever carry out … keyboard warriors. However, there are ways, combined, in which we can affect policy … but only en masse. 

Therefore, it matters not how much reach OoL, Ambush Predator, Mike’s, N.O. or any other outlet actually have in themselves … the less the better in my book, as it’s better to pass under the radar.

But cumulatively, with our minds in some sort of vague synch on key issues … and attacking issue by issue, not as some sort of rosette party, not ordered by anyone … but just suddenly, out of the blue, attacking … it’s far more effective.

Now let’s look at crochet politics … yep, you read that right. Lately, I’ve been doing much on it … genuinely interested how to crochet (stop laughing at the back there) but also looking at femme-world as a whole, how ladies operate, how skilful they are or are not … just familiarising myself with femme-think but also making lifelong friends, real friends beyond … something I for one greatly appreciate.

YT of course see all this, as I opted for them to in my case, and they insta-respond … in this case with a torrent of crochet vlogs … mind boggles.

And surprise surprise … exactly the same sort of BLM, green-psycho, Antifa politics, plus sicko Wokism have reduced what should have been ladies’ politics-free craft sessions into a battleground … did you see those militant knitters some months, a year ago?

I kid you not … craft meetings will never be the same if the nu-young are in there … or the “modern” useless woman, trying to be more manly than the man.

We can laugh or quietly smile but get a dozen of these clowns gluing themselves to roads, climbing scaffolding and gantrys, disrupting all and sundry … for what?  

For handed down ideology, replete with lexicon and set hate figures … us. Oh and to be slutty is apparently de rigeur as well.

Let’s shift attention back to us and the big push right now, right at this second, is to shut us down, censor us, send us onto the naughty step, into the naughty corner, for some offence someone’s taken.

The good thing this morning was that this below had not actually been removed, it was sitting in “pending”:

Now why do you think the PTB blocked that drop? 

It was soooo obvious the instant I saw it … trigger words all over the place.  The AI bot is trained to look for certain words, it works in an algorithm, if the text fails … voila.

But that’s not all of it. Not only does the poster fall foul, so does the admin who allowed it … he/she gets points on his/her driving record too. 

Solution? Euphemisms of course. Plus anticipation … here’s a comment from one of our threads:
Predictive programming. I've left it here because I don't want it to open up which it will do over yonder. I object to doing Them's job for them but we need to be aware.

"Civil War"
Which is better, readers … to act all gobby like a Charlotte Church or Se* Pist**s in the 70s, the aim being to show what big bad boys or girl-boys they are … hey look over here how tough I am … or to actually do damage, softly softly? Think on’t, good people.

What is your actual aim in dropping a comment?  Is it to set out a personal, chest thumping stall … or is it to add ammunition to a cumulative pushback already going down, whilst staying personally lowkey?

Doing Them's job for them

Every time you include what Them themselves want you to see … e.g. the most nauseating images, ideas, those which cannot be unseen … you are giving Them the oxygen of free publicity, as Maggie might have put it.  Daily Mail titillation style.

To actually show something vile such as a drag show or kids in states of disrobe or this mutilation thing doctors are complicit in … every time you personally go ahead and show those … just why are you doing that?  

You’ve just ruined someone’s day looking at your post.

No, no, Higham, you no understand … the normies MUST SEE in all its graphic horribleness in order to wake up … I want them to see the whole nauseating thing, in full technicolor.

No, say I in return … by doing that, doing exactly what Them want … you just make ordinary people recoil, they construct immediate defensive walls, psychologically … you have also just assaulted the very people you supposedly like, are trying to defend.

Why?  Because of some “THEY MUST!  THEY MUST!” imperative you yourself have jumped onto?

That’s just as bad as the eco-clowns gluing themselves to roads or the deathcult mass praying in the streets … whatever is the purpose, the goal? It just thoroughly p***es us off, does it not?  Creates a seething divide of intense antipathy?

Is it not better to avoid falling out that way, doing Them’s job for them … and just do our damage, our own pushback, quietly, respectfully? Softly? 

Counter-intuitive, yes … but far more effective.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Who'd Be A Cop These Days?

Mouayed Bashir, 29, who had mental health issues, died after being restrained with his hands cuffed behind his back and his legs bound together at his family’s house in Newport, south Wales.
ABD, which presents with symptoms such as extreme agitation, paranoia, rapid breathing and sweating, is a state that can be exacerbated by restraint and can lead to cardiac arrest.

So he died of acute behavioural disturbance (ABD)? Not so, Reader, not so... 

In a narrative conclusion, the jury said Bashir had taken an unknown quantity of cocaine that resulted in him developing symptoms “in keeping” with ABD. They gave the medical cause of death as “intoxication with cocaine and the effects of cocaine, following a period of restraint”. They said he was restrained “for his safety and the safety of others”.

What else could the police do with someone who was not open to reason for two distinct causes - mental illness and illegal drugs? Of course he had to be restrained! Syill, at least this jury saw sense. 

Not so the coroner: 

Caroline Saunders, the senior coroner for Gwent (Ed: Yes, Reader, she has form...), said she would write to the police to ask about ABD training, in particular a package from the College of Policing that instructs officers to “speak up, speak out” if they observe that a restrained person is in distress.
Outside court, Bashir’s brother Mohannad Bashir said: “We want ABD to be recognised and taken seriously. The family believe police training needs to be modernised, overhauled and updated.”

But he didn't die from ABD! He died as a result of taking illegal drugs! And you yourselves called the police... 

On 17 February 2021, Bashir’s parents became concerned about his behaviour. He had barricaded himself in his room and was smashing furniture and shouting. They dialled 999 and pleaded for help.

And the police came and immediately helped by restraining him from smashing up the family house. How is it their fault that he died? Even with the threat of ABD death or extreme cocaine intoxication, they had no other choice.

In their submissions to the inquest, Bashir’s family said that when police decided to restrain Bashir, they did not consider they could be putting his life at risk.

Of course not; the immediate threat had to be dealt with to stop other lives - yours, theirs - being put at risk. They did their job the best they could under the circumstances, and are you grateful? No.

Tuesday 20 February 2024

My New Campaign

For those who either do not understand, or do not WISH to understand; my campaign would stop the Muslim households whose males routinely complete and write their female family members voting papers, then seal and submit them as though those female voters had chosen their votes themselves.

Direct “democracy”? Bollox!

You only had to look at the transcript of the Scottish Arts Council meeting from the mid 2000s under Labour, chaired by Julia Middleton, to see how NLP techniques were used by Common Purpose (scroll down) to nudge the “discussion” to what are termed “well-formed outcomes”. You need only see Taylor Swift mania now to see young people being played.

And so to this:

Consider this from 2007:

An excerpt from that post:

Hang on a minute - why would a government need to spend "£45,000 to run the jury", muliplied by however many Citizen Panels there are [by page 10 of Google, they're still being listed]? Why the expense?

The illusion of legitimacy.

Now look at the whole mechanism. There is a group of approved citizens who, for a start, have been raised above the common throng to oversee local government policy, traditionally the preserve of councils. But councils are corrupt, incompetent, in thrall to paymasters and political parties, aren't they?

So The Select Body of Citizens feels it's doing important work and that government will listen to their recommendations. Hell, isn't that what we're all going on about - government listening? And they do listen - to the decision the facilitator is able to get out of the forum.

The leader poses questions, people respond, the recalcitrant or obstinate objector is bypassed and the decision is arrived at.  
Any trained teacher could tell you about this technique and as a former Head, I was on my guard against it - the others are tacitly encouraged, by raised eyebrow or other non-verbal expression, to either approve or disapprove and always there is the desire to please by the honoured citizen who, don't forget, has already been preselected.

But what if the citizen selection process didn't completely work, what if someone has the temerity to ask: "What is your legitimacy?"

Direct “democracy”?  Bollox.

Monday 19 February 2024

How Much Are You Slashing Your Appearance Fee By, Andrew?

Actor Andrew Scott has suggested cheap theatre tickets should be put on a “sale rack” so that young people can see West End productions without having to spend £150.

Put your money where your mouth is then! 

Scott, 47, told BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme: “No matter how zeitgeisty or how modern you think your play is, if you are having to spend £150, no person between the age of 16-25 or beyond is going to be able to afford that. That is frustrating to me.
“Hopefully, there is some night or two nights a week when you can get something like a sale rack, you have to be prepared to rummage a little bit. It is important that it doesn’t remain an elitist art form,” he said.

Theatre is expensive because there's a lot of people involved - directors, stagehands, musicians, costumiers...they all need to earn a living. 

Last November The Crown star Dominic West called West End ticket prices “crazy”. David Tennant, the former Doctor Who star, said some tickets had become “ludicrously” expensive and warned that young people would be deterred from going to the theatre.

Funny, neither of them offered to take a pay cut either... 

Sunday 18 February 2024

Ignoring reality … interesting strategy

There will always be some members of other demographics who are most able … women in tech, men in fashion … but generally speaking, let’s just say there are skillsets and skillsets and leave it at that.

Managing a major Woke local rag is not just keeping a happy crew at the rag and writing a love-everyone, compulsorily upbeat weekly all is well newsletter … there’s also a need to be living in the real world, which this Maria Breslin clearly is not.

Citing only the happy, all is exciting “events” coming up hardly addresses the increasingly savage atmosphere, violence and now more and more atrocities across the region, not to even mention the forced flood of invaders upon the population … but Maria would rather ignore reality and say 🎶let’s just love one another🎶 without the slightest understanding of what that involves … entails.

Yes, she has the big sign saying Chief Editor on her door, meaning she’s reached the top of her greasy pole … but she’s not actually doing her job … and the IT at the rag is abysmal.

Saturday 17 February 2024

Tale of two platforms

Interesting contrast between Gab and X.  On Gab, this was a typical gab … from Highwayman about fifteen minutes ago:

And this was from one of the gals:

RINOs are not Republicans. RINOs are like demonrats, they are scum and they are domestic enemies.
I have faith that Americans will take matters into their own hands the way the French did decades ago, but might not do now.  It’s interesting that Gab is mainly men of the more backwoodsman type, with feisty, warrior dames … whereas X is mainly ladies:

… plus more gentlemanly, softer men. Soc-med needs both types … warriors plus the civilised … in other words … humanity … as distinct from the savages let in by Globopsycho and the karenisti.

Interesting, huh?  Feel free to disagree.