Thursday 23 May 2024

What to do and say first thing 23rd May?

Was awoken by the patter of raindrops:

... to this:

Inside because it was raining, yes? Wot, like this? In the hallway a few minutes ago ... remember me mentioning the patter of rain?

Idiocy takes many forms ... for example, at the same time Sunak committed suicide, we were all being told to stockpile three days of food.  Smug smile to m'sel' ... aye, I've been stockpiling all right:

Takes all sorts. Suppose we'd best look at this general election thingy, starting with N10:

Uh huh.  Thoughts from others? Bobbie, for example, has been out interviewing ole GK about the matter:

Well yes ... quite so. This chap made a sound point:

Quite so ... but then he went straight back to the same old same old:

Uh huh again. What would my ole, now deceased mentor Chuckles have voted? Plus NCB here?

Some people are even suggesting the return of Nige, as Tice R is clearly not up to snuff and not inspiring anyone outside the M25 bubble ... but caution is advised:

Some though have some confidence:

Last word perhaps to Larry the Cat:


  1. Reference Mr Sunake, two thoughts:
    1. He deserves a parody version of the song "Singing in the Rain". Too stupid to come in out of the rain, as the saying goes.
    2. He's the epitome of what Margaret Thatcher called "A Wet".

  2. Rich-boy has been drip feeding misinfo the entire time he's been in office. Criticism just washes over types like him.

    Now the airwaves will be flooded with election updates and opinions til July 4th and beyond.

    He's probably been offered a cushy do-nothing chairmanship with a mega-bucks salary and can't wait to sail away.


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