Saturday 20 April 2024

The Invasion has Already Occurred.

As some may remember, I am one of England’s many authors, with eight books to my name. I am, unfortunately, also one of the many unsuccessful English authors, if success is termed in books sold or read. But I don’t really mind, because the writing, the establishing of a theme, a plot, expanding the reader’s knowledge of the imagined heroes’ or heroines’ lives, how my writing flows: that, for me, is the finest achievement possible. 

The one novel which came near a printing works was also the one which I felt proudest of, because it was about British politics, about what could happen, given the manner in which the early theme occurred. That novel was entitled ‘Single to Westminster, via Berlin’, and it documented the rise to ultimate power of a former right-wing thug; of the changes in both his life, and in his ideas of politics, how those changes came about, and how he coped with those changes. This book was written and published in 2009.

One of the main drives in our hero’s progress was illegal immigration, and, in those days of my novel, our continued membership of the European Union. I had watched, in real life, the beginnings of the Blair actions to loose, beyond all bounds, immigration; with the vast majority coming from the European Union as it expanded eastwards. 

This itself in the beginning was not so bad, because certainly the Polish migrants came with a reputation for hard work, and because most of those migrants were simply ‘like us’. They worshipped as we did, they looked as we did, they accepted that they were the incomers, and had to adapt to our ways of life. Unfortunately, besides the educated migrants of Northern and Eastern Europe, we also saw the beginnings of Labour’s plan to alter the very nature of our society, by importing ever-increasing numbers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and from the Middle-East: all of those thousands worshipping a different god to ours. 

Now when I write of a different god, I write of Islam. Islam is not only a religion, it is a political force. It is also a proselytising religion, in that its adherents actively push to get others, from any other religion, to accept their god, and also to accept that their prophet Mohammed, spoke and speaks for them all. The followers of Islam are also pretty canny when it comes to politics, as can be seen by the muslim london mayor, the muslim scots first minister, many Labour politicians but not many Tory ones: I just wonder why. 

But, returning to migration both legal and illegal, we see not only the Blair processes being embedded into our society, but the asylum laws themselves are being twisted every way possible, by both the illegal asylum seekers themselves, and by both left-wing lawyers and Members of Parliament. As I wrote some time back on one of my own blogsite postings:-

“Certainly, sir, if you could just point to the document which shows and confirms that you were on patrol with British soldiers in Helmand province, acting as an interpreter, and your stay will be immediately confirmed, as agreed and formally accepted by the newly-appointed Muslim Home Secretary.”

Afghani man:  “Whilst I cannot truthfully state that I was a member of that brave group who kept their faces hidden at all times for fear of retribution, I can confirm that the second cousin of my fourth brother’s third wife worked as a cook for a cobbler who regularly repaired British Army Interpreters’ footwear. The word got around, and the threats of instant retribution against all collaborators came for us all, so we decided to flee, and here we are.”

The Prime Minister himself sounded almost proud of his Government’s actions when he confirmed that, literally “Thousands of Afghans have been transported safely to our shore”. The stupid, dangerous and downright lunatic thinking of this so-called Tory Government is best observed in its alleged attempt to ‘DEAL’ with the thousands pouring over the channel on ever-larger rib-dingies; with its Rwanda Bill. That farrago has so far cost over £400 million pounds, and not one ‘effing asylum seeker has boarded an aircraft bound for Rwanda.

If my readers have viewed the same YouTube videos as myself, you will no doubt have seen, in towns and cities all across this once green and pleasant land, the fruits of the Blair ideals to change Great Britain; and they are not very pleasant sites to view. With literally regiments of muslim men, all stripped to the waist, performing whatever they wish, waving their bloody arms around like demented dervishes, and; again literally, not a single policeman in sight. 

Why, you may ask? Its is simply because those policemen know that they will be either laughed at, or mobbed; so why even take the chance. Now if it were a single Christian preacher, attempting to read from his own Testament; you’d see six heavies along to whip him away within minutes. I have also seen the many instances of muslim men blocking roads and pavements because they get the ‘urge to pray’, and the only police visible are those ensuring no-one gets to vent annoyance at what is now a “Fait Accompli’.

The single most scary photograph I have seen in over forty-odd years of viewing things political is simply the one from a gathering in Birmingham in 2023 which says: “We’re here to Stay, so you’d better get used to it”

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