Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Start As You Mean To Go On, Liz..?

The UK government could scrap its entire anti-obesity strategy after ministers ordered an official review of measures designed to deter people from eating junk food, the Guardian can reveal.
The review could pave the way for Liz Truss to lift the ban on sugary products being displayed at checkouts as well as “buy one get one free” multi-buy deals in shops.

I shouldn't get too excited, the blond buffoon said much the same thing, only to roll over like a Labrador offered a low-calorie Bonio. But still...

Health experts have hailed the levy as a key initiative in the fight against dangerous obesity.
“There doesn’t seem to be any appetite from Thérèse [Coffey – the new health secretary] for nanny state stuff,” one source said.
Officials at the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, the part of the Department for Health that formulates policies to tackle major public health problems, were said by a source to be “aghast” at the prospect of Truss potentially discarding strategies to counter junk food that have been agreed and approved by parliament.
It is upsetting all the right people.

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  1. There is definitely no shortage of people who need to be upset, so let's hope!


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