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Just patient, dogged, gathering of snippets

Morning all. Julia and I largely alternate days with our postings, Grandpa whenever he feels it’s necessary.  Seems to work nicely and it’s my day today … yikes … but I’m always conscious of the criticism that I “see OoL as an extension of N.O.”

In my eyes, I’m one third of it, the second third to be precise and yet I now must undermine that in this post by quoting gathered items from ONO  and NOWP because one needs to see those first to make sense of what follows below here.

Why bother?  Because many people are saying similar things and they need saying.  So, apologies but let’s kick off with ONO:

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A clear pattern emerges of careful design and coordinated implementation of insane policies when seen through the filter of a society’s proper prosperity and progress. 

Forceably removing farmers at gunpoint? Because some monster above does not like nitrogen?

Humans have incisors, molars and grinding teeth in the one mouth.  Why?  Then stereoscopic vision. Why?  We are hunter gatherers.  Why? 

So to overturn that reality over a long period, to deliberately choose policies destructive to humans and to “educate” a new generation that that is sane … then many born into a society with biblical roots can see these things instantly and we can lay the blame where it should be.  

But we’re a dying breed, helped on our way by a now malevolent, weaponised NHS.  Similar in the States via other bodies.

For those who can’t see such things … an examination of stage four Marxism is useful, shortly before the stage five nirvana where you own nothing and are happy.  

And Woke children, including big kids Corbyn and Starmer, believe in this stage five nirvana?  Given the demonstrable results of its implementation and the demonisation of dissidents? Gimme a break, as the Americans might say.

And it’s been going for so long now, the capacity and mania to destroy anything whatever connected to the wellbeing of humankind.  Weishaupt’s principles, 1776, well before Marx was even thought of.  It’s all there to see, even now, if only you would seek to find.

There was a post once at N.O. on Bogey and Bacall attending a communist trial on the other coast.  One of McCarthy’s boys was haranguing some communist party high-up, the press and Hollywood were having none of it, making loud noises as the Demrats do today … B&B were there to show solidarity.

But cornered, this communist high-up on the stand suddenly showed his true colours in the most vicious way possible, quite obscene in his creepiness, precisely what the “movement” did not need in its martyr.  Bogey immediately returned to LA and went quiet on the whole issue thereafter. 

Bacall was the study though, in hardwired brain. Of limited brainpower anyway, she was already deeply inside the Woke self-congratulation thing and it barely dinted her zeal, what she’d observed … she put it down to “just an isolated incident”.  By the way, you are aware, are you not, that Lucille Ball was head of a local communist cell?

Now look, I’ve no mortgage on wisdom, I admit that, but I’ve seen much, heard, watched, thought about it.  You’re on that path too, some further along than I am, some still to reach this point.  We’ve gathered snippets, have we not, over time.

Take the immediate threat from another demographic, for example, and a chap with a certain name, which shows why he would be so interested in this demographic:

Taken alone, we might think ok, good point, but put it with this:

… and a pattern emerges, does it not?  Does it make me racist/sexist/cultist to have seen something and shared it?  What does that then make you?

Part of the answer to that is in NOWP 180: 4 [IYE].  Examine that carefully and you see the utter fanaticism at shutting Trump out of the political process any which way.  Just because he’s a bad man saying hurty things to the Woke?  

Just look at Podesta and Hunter Biden’s laptop, to CIA renditions, to Dolphin Square and Rotherham over here, to Epstein … and there is the elite incarcerated or executed.  That’s why. Sheer vileness which offends any human sensibilities and sets the push to destruction of humankind back a century.

This is what we’re up against.  Explore Senator William Jenner from 1954.


  1. Re the Beyond Meat company:

    "Beyond Meat COO bites off tip of man’s nose after road rage incident:


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