Thursday, 22 September 2022

Fracking and nuclear - two components of a broad energy supply

Guido’s comments thread is usually a good read and this one’s no exception:

Wolfie Smith comments:

He's not the head of Cuadrilla, he's a geologist and one of the founders. What you are referring to are selected quotes from a Guardian article (interesting that he gave an exclusive interview to a fiercely anti-fracking publication), but thankfully those in charge of Cuadrilla totally disagree with his assessment. Nobody has ever said the UK should not embrace nuclear and/or renewables, but that our sources of domestic energy should be diverse and include fracking.



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  1. Colour me confused. Is it 33 million of your English pounds or 3.3 million?
    £3.3 million would hardly cover the inevitable expenses of the requisite Civil Servants used in setting this boondoggle up.
    £33 million on the other hand would pay for one third of that Super Duper F34 and a half that slid into the deep off the bow of the even more Super Duper Carrier - cost £3100 million, plus multiple repair costs.
    In fact £33 million will buy 10 new wind turbines but without all the foundations, access roads and hundreds of miles of thick copper. Which, by the way 'n' that is why we need the nuclear, 'cos the whirly things sometimes stop. And paradoxically they also stop when that pesky wind blows too hard.
    Talk about pissing into the wind.


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