Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Aren't You Forgetting The 'Render Unto Caesar' Bit..?

A Christian teacher who was jailed following his refusal to use gender-neutral pronouns (Ed: *sighs* No, he wasn't...) is back behind bars after again refusing to stay away from school.
At Dublin’s High Court today, Mr Burke, who was representing himself, maintained that he would not purge his contempt of court for violating the order, insisting that he was being persecuted for his faith.

Clearly, he isn't 'being persecuted' and as for his legal woes, it's not for his faith. I thought a committed Christian would know the injunction against bearing false witness... 

He will now face a hearing at the High Court at a later date, which yet to be confirmed. He will remain in custody until then unless he changes agrees to abide by the order to stay away from the school.
In court today when asked by Judge Eileen Roberts if he would abide by the order, he said: ‘I cannot do that. I go back to jail as a law-abiding citizen of the state always. But God first.

God, if he existed, would probably think you're as much of a complete tosser as everyone else... 

Mr Burke’s parents, brother Isaac and sister Ammi, a qualified solicitor were with him in court and stared dispassionately as he was led away.



  1. I constantly see so many alleged/claimed 'Christians' preaching (generally using megaphones) in my local city market-place who seem to be deliberately chosen both as the perfect example of a lefty caricature of a 'rabid' Christian, and to be so irritating, annoying and offensive as to seem to 'want' to turn people away from Christianity. That they always seem to also belong to some church (usually foreign based) that no-one has heard of is merely predictable.

    I began to suspect they weren't members of some way-out, extremist, fundamentalist, wack-job sect, but the members of an anti-Christian lefty movement of some sort when they started berating the local Socialist Worker louts and they ... weren't attacked (a literal first). That others, including a local Vicar or two, have also mentioned that suspicion, has me thinking I'm becoming mainstream.

    I've honestly reached the point where I assume even the most open and basic 'happening' has some ulterior motive. My recent problem being that as more and more truths come to light, even I seem to have not been paranoid 'enough'.


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