Tuesday, 27 September 2022

This requires patience and thought

Item one from a reader-ferreter called IYE

As it says: “Listen closely … are you paying attention yet?”

This is what they want.

Item two

Picture a road, moving slight upwards, with billions upon it, stretched back interminably, all moving forward in time, few really understanding in any depth.  There’ve been sliproads and byways along the way, crossroads, roadside preachers, sellers of sustenance and poison.

The road up ahead veers left and also fast tracks downwards into what seem pastures green, blue skies, white fluffy clouds and there is the politburo dressed in unthreatening white robes which change colours as you look, the kindly spokesperson urging, “Come, come ye all, a downhill road to the land of milk and honey.  Come, come, the road is broad, no need to worry any more, leave it to us.”

But there is also a straggly, rocky, bramble pricked, narrow path before the veering and it heads up to the right … it does not look all that prepossessing, it seems much more pleasurable to swing downwards to the left.  Besides, there are storm clouds where that uphill path leads.  Yet some stop, stroke the chin and think to themselves, “Hmmmm.”  They consult and embark on that climb.

The multitudes mock, at the behest of the kindly ones in white robes which are not white, they all sweep left and down to their nirvana:

Item 3

Consider that and now consider the rise of people like Giorgia, MTG, Kari Lake, the women who are boldly speaking out and digging in.  I would gladly do battle for such as these. 

Consider also Queen Liz and Queen Bess in history.

I have been under the headship of quite a few women throughout my working life … sane women who were building, maintaining and using us to protect the brand so to speak.  It’s symbiotic and depends on the mindset of each … the woman knows her limitations and is not given to delusions of feminazi self-grandeur, the man becomes a Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake or other bold knight of the realm.

He’s happy to do this, to strike out and bring home the bacon for his queen.  The chivalrous man must have that person of veneration though, of nobility, she must be a worthy female, unlike the awful bints of today who are a travesty of womanhood.  

You all saw the multitudes line up for the queen lying in state, it’s surely obvious what people want in their monarch.  Now I’m not saying that this was the reality, our ragtag discovered various things along the way … but it is what the multitudes wanted.

The model of the noble queen of virtue, a Giorgia Meloni, speaking of God, family and country is a good one, it brings the Salvinis into line, the ones who protect the queen who is, as she says herself, just a woman, a mother.  

That just triggers gallant males to act like men, not as mincy drag queens molesting and perverting children.

The whole thing looks good, feels good, tends to lead to prosperity and good things.  Plus it kills off the communist model currently being foisted upon us … divide and rule.

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