Friday, 24 June 2022

Nostalgia Is Overrated...

A wave of 1970s-style economic unrest is threatening to spread from the railways across the public services, as unions representing teachers and NHS workers warn of potential industrial action over pay.
OK, well, at least the music was great in the Seventies. We don't even have that!
...the National Education Union (NEU), told the Observer that unless it receives a pay offer much closer to inflation by Wednesday, it will be informing education secretary Nadhim Zahawi of its plan to ballot its 450,000 members. The move could lead to strikes in schools in England in the autumn, the union said.
The country’s biggest union, Unison, representing NHS staff, said the government now faced a choice between offering a deal close to inflation or triggering a mass exodus of staff coupled with possible industrial action in hospitals, at a time when they are already hugely overburdened.

Will we even notice? We've had two years without a service thanks to covid (with needs to be paid for, of course) and I think we can bear another, if it crushes the unions for good. 


  1. Doris isn't a Maggie. He will cave in like the wuss he is.

  2. John in cheshireJune 24, 2022 10:04 am

    Julia, those are my sentiments too. All of these bloated organisations are in need of some serious 'downsizing''. Maybe now is that time.


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