Wednesday, 11 May 2022

The Identity Politics Gravy Train Needs To Hit The Buffers Hard...

Council chiefs have advised staff to omit the word ‘family’ when sending Christmas greetings so as not to offend those who have no relatives.

Surely sending Christmas cards instead of 'Winterval' cards is offensive enough in the first place, to the people likely to kick up a fuss..? 

One section of the 42-page document (Ed: 42 pages! What a waste of trees...) advises workers to steer clear of linking specific attributes to chronological age’ and rather than use phrases like ‘a young and vibrant team’, should consider ‘a team made up of people in the early stage of their careers’.

Yeah, that one just trips off the tongue, doesn't it? Trust a local council penpusher to suggest using thirteen words rather than five... 

It recommends avoiding phrases such as ‘women who are pregnant’ and ‘expectant mothers’ and to instead use gender-neutral phrases like ‘people who are pregnant’ and ‘expectant parents’.
By way of elaboration, the guide also states: ‘Not everyone who is pregnant is a woman – people who are non-binary or trans men can also be pregnant.

I'll stop you there - if you're pregnant, you're a woman. This isn't sci-fi. Normal biology applies. 

Greenwich council said: ‘Our inclusive language guide is advisory only and was designed to encourage staff to reflect on the use of language in the workplace and how it might impact their colleagues.’

Why on earth should this be necessary? Or even part of staff induction? Burn it all and salt the earth.  


  1. Why do these cretins think everyone is offended by people who aren't exactly like them? And why do only minorities count?
    Wouldn't it offend people who do have families, to omit the word 'family'
    I find the whole woke crowd offensive

  2. The London Borough of Greenwich. I wonder if this council is a Labour Party shithole? Oh wait! Yes it is and has been since 1971.

  3. Christmas is a Christian celebration - the term 'Mass of Christ" is a bit of a giveaway. In the Southern hemisphere it takes place in the summer, so can't be a winterval. I would suggest it is the RoP leaders, and their hangers on who are behind this. Can we now cancel Ramadan and Eid and call them something else in case someone who is not a Muslim, becomes offended at those terms?

    1. precisely - I am offended by extreme minorities like this trying to tell me how to live my (normal?) life. In any case, this has nothing to do with anything outside the confines of the workplace


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