Thursday, 12 May 2022

How about this side of the pond?

All right, the FBI has always been this way, both in reality and in US lore:
There [are] a number of very troubling things that are happening in the FBI ... Project Veritas appears to be a victim of political undertakings, which is where this agency [the FBI] has gone. The file that you're talking about is background on the Project Veritas investigation that resulted in the search warrant at your premises. We don’t see a lot of investigations into news organizations, it’s not common. To see a criminal investigation, particularly one categorized the way this is, is alerting and surprising based on the public information that is provided. 

And it’s not just a handful of rogue Leftist agents who are running wild. The whistleblower confirmed that these decisions are decided by the top brass at each FBI field office. Whistleblower: “So, SIM is a classification. That means it’s a ‘sensitive investigative matter.’ Because it’s sensitive it could be a political figure, it could be a news organization.”
Right, so that's under scrutiny and coming out.  Fine.  Now ... GCHQ?  Media Matters?  Any scrutiny of them going on?


  1. And what has Mark Sedwill been up to these past months? Is his role in the Rothschild back occupying all his time or is he obsessing over bio -weapons?

    John in Cheshire

    1. Perhaps those two occupations are too far apart from each other.

    2. I intended to say "aren't" too far apart...


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