Friday, 13 May 2022

No, Not Everything Is 'Racist'...

Yes, I'm broadly in favour of working from home, not least because it's annoying all the right people, could save money and is giving it to the transport unions good and hard without benefit of lube... 

But that doesn't mean I'm bound to agree with this nonsense:
A group of Apple employees have accused the big-tech giant of racism over its push for corporate workers to return to the office, saying that the shift back to an in-person model will make the company 'younger, whiter, [and] more male-dominated.'

Errr, what..? 

Although Apple will 'likely always find people willing to work here,' the group wrote, the shift back to working in the office will 'change the makeup of [the company's workforce].'

It's already changed once, what you seem to be worried about is it might change back.  

'It will lead to privileges deciding who can work for Apple, not who’d be the best fit,' the group wrote. 'Privileges like “being born in the the right place so you don’t have to relocate”, or “being young enough to start a new life in a new city/country” or “having a stay-at-home spouse who will move with you."'

All things that apply to any job, anywhere. 

'And privileges like being born into a gender that society doesn’t expect the majority of care-work from, so it’s easy to disappear into an office all day, without doing your fair share of unpaid work in society. Or being rich enough to pay others to do your care-work for you.'

Wait, what the hell is 'your fair share of unpaid work in society' supposed to mean? Didn't anyone else notice what they slipped in there?

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