Sunday, 23 January 2022

It's that time of year again for our chief admin, plus OoL itself

Not too sure how happy the lady will be to share her birthday with a blog birthday but there it is - she has precedence of course.  Also, not too sure how happy she'll be about the same format as for last January but I can't think of a better cake and song.

Julia approacheth now,

U neither see nor hear,

Like thylacosmilus, the enemy 

Is really quite in fear,

As we all stand and wildly we do cheer!


Many happy returns of the day to a special gal, from all here at OoL!

But OoL too has its birthday as we restarted here after the shuffling off of our host, whose server had the blog coming from it, unbeknowns to many - yep, we were doing an Andrew Torba of our own.

Julia and I have never had a serious discussion about OoL and its future direction, where it goes; it largely flies under the radar and as we both run other blogs in a more or less full time way ... well, there it is.  Of course, if you have any great ideas, those are always welcome but until now, we've worked on "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

So once again, many happy returns to the chief admin of OoL and to OoL itself.


  1. May I join you in wishing Many happy returns to Both Julia and OoL

  2. Happy Birthday Julia. The internet would not be the same without you so many happy returns.

  3. May Julia enjoy many more solar revolutions! This blog is an oasis of sanity in a ****ed-up world.

  4. Thanks all, I'm blushing here... 😊


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