Saturday, 22 January 2022

All the pleasure, none of the responsibility

If I tend to address more "out there" topics, it's because Julia is so grounded in the minutiae of what's going down in real life, she has that covered.  

One of my core topics is trad relationships, meaning marriage in order to bonk and it's for resistance to social engineering reasons, of the danger of the State becoming mother and father - see Krankie's named person scheme north of the border, of mentoring, seizure of children from parents, even over a vaxx, any excuse - and it seems I'm not alone in the concern.  Gigi Giraud 83 brings this one:

The issue is not so much whether it's possible, happening etc. but more the mindset of the Schwab and Krankie minds who conceive of these things, excuse the pun.  For pun it is, because the core result of all this is a sterile, non- reproductive wasteland of indiscriminate bonking in perverse ways, with zero responsibility for what one does.  

That's happening right now in schools with curricula hidden from parents who are told they've relinquished their rights once the child is within the school gates. For a former head teacher like me, that's a horrifying thought.  Are teachers not also parents to a great degree?

Then look at the other side of it - state supported single motherhood either through the 'put it about, get preggers, go onto benefits' lifestyle or through IVF and an offputting aggressive feminazism, plus a work culture now which has less and less place for all but wimpy demi-men with wispy face fuzz.  The new SNAGs.

However it pans out, The Who were not that wide of the mark, methinks:

I for one am implacably opposed to agendas trying to kill off the ability of men and women to form meaningful partnerships where neither side runs the risk of either total ruin from mercenaries, nor physical danger in the home, despite the massed array of force turning that seemingly simple goal well nigh impossible in this social and political climate.

Or to put it more simply, I want men and women to like one another as people, quite aside from the chemistry.

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