Monday, 24 January 2022

If The 'Culture Of Misogyny' Is So Bad...

...why do you have to import more of it?

According to reports in Ireland the man arrested has links with Offaly and south Dublin but has also lived abroad.

Which is the coy progressive press way of saying he's an immigrant from Slovakia.  

Between 1996 and 2020, at least 236 women died violently in the Republic of Ireland.

Why don't we get a figure for men? Is it because it outstrips the figure for women (like this one year) two to one?

We know it is, don't we, Reader..? 

Their names have been written out and remembered individually in recent days. A majority of these women were killed in their own homes, by a man they knew, by men they loved, men they had children with. How do we protect against that?

Well, you could start pointing out to women that 'I love him, I can change him!' isn't a strategy for survival. And you could start campaigning against open borders on the basis that Ireland doesn't need to import more misogynists.

But you don't do any of that, do you? I wonder why... 

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