Monday, 29 November 2021

They Did Their Jobs For Once...

...and naturally, they are being penalised for it by one of those long marchers through our institutions:
The court heard Mr Dawood was working illegally at the car wash after being refused asylum when he arrived in Britain from Sudan.
He had fled Sudan because he belonged to a tribe being persecuted by the authorities, the inquest was told.

And presumably persecuted in all the other countries in Africa too, or why flee here..? 

Mr Dawood fled after immigration officers carried out an enforcement visit at the car wash at around 10.08am. He was pursued by officers to a neighbouring warehouse, where he then climbed on shelving and ran through a metal door before climbing onto its roof.
The inquest into his death was told officers did not pursue when Mr Dawood started to climb, but remained close and did not withdraw.

Well, yes. What else were they supposed to do? 

Ms Saunders' report, published on Wednesday, said immigration officers should have 'practical training in pursuit situations' following his death.

Sounds a lot more like she wants them to be trained to immediately give up, doesn't it? 

Mr Dawood's mother Hameda Hamed Shogar Ahmed, who travelled to the UK for her son's inquest from the Sudanese city of Al Fashir, told the court her son had wanted to earn money to send back to Sudan to support his family.

Strange sort of 'persecution' when the mother - presumably from the same tribe - is allowed to travel... 

'[My son] felt a strong passion for human rights and felt that everyone should be protected and free to live their lives free from persecution and fear.'

Pity he didn't feel that everyone should obey the laws of the country they are (illegally) living in, or he wouldn't be dead... 

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