Sunday, 28 November 2021

Passport to the new comply or be punished normal

[H/T Torquaymada]


  1. I noticed that Mr Johnson announced the compulsory mask orders late on Saturday; at a time when many people would be preoccupied enjoying themselves.
    What sick evil minds those in government, the civil service and the advisory gangs have.

    I wonder what evil will be unleashed upon us by these wicked men and women, while we're busy trying to enjoy Christmas Day, because I feel there is still more to come.

  2. A very manipulative call to arms. The narrator cast the viewer as the one who must take action. He trivialises saying "...are you willing to look them in the eye and say just becuase of a virus.." it is far more complex and dangerous than that. Might be more convincing if he showed us what actions he has taken to dismantle the beast. Show us some examples of what he did to inspire us with his effectiveness. I think he is an apparatchik calling for civel war as the means to really finish us all of, having given the lawful cause of martial law.


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