Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Switch off your TV and radio now ... for a year

Not going to run numbers on this one, just tell the tale.

First through was from Rossa's mother:


Even if you don't buy that she said that, just look at the sign behind her as she talks.  What is she - a millennial?  Telling a country, a nation what to do in their own homes? My anger is not with her, the clown, it's whoever gave her the idea that this was all right.  And that includes voters and the compliant.

Next one through was from my Russian mate who picked up on this:


And there's the issue right there - whatever was he doing looking at that rag for?  Still - another country, we can cut him some slack there.

Next through was news that Twitter is banning any photos of people unless they've given you express permission.  I'm not even going to comment on that, just suggest you do caricatures instead:

Next through was Woodsy:

Next through was IYE with Delingpole:

Watch @TheSun try to normalise heart attacks and blood clots as things that happen to you in winter, along, of course with 'winter vagina'. Do people seriously buy this shit? 


 We'll repeat DAD with Briggs:


He includes this gem: Video montage of Democrat politicians expressing vaccine hesitancy for partisan reasons last year. Today, many Democrat politicians accuse vaccine skeptics or critics as people who want to kill others.

All right, what do we have here?  

We have just a small percentage in the society, maybe the 12-25% UKIP used to get, making a racket about all this, a hullabaloo, and the rest are staying silent out of fear or else fully complying.  Yep, you really need Ardern telling you via TV if you can go to the loo or not, don't you?

Sad thing is that it seems so.  And that is the great tragedy here as the west ebbs away and the political class are so emboldened now they can take the p*** without any fear of pushback.  This is precisely how Nineteen Eighty-Four happens.

May I humbly suggest two things:

1.  Ask one of the compliers you know at home or one of your friends - what on earth do you think you're doing?  Why are you doing this?

2.  Just shut out all TV and radio, rely on blogs and vlogs, plus channels such as OANN.


  1. Just do what the majority of Kiwis are doing, ignore the woman and do your own thing.She will be gone at the next election,if not before.

    1. I'd like to think they've come to their senses, but I'm not that sure...

  2. I switched off my television set in 1965 and gave it away. I have never had one since.


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