Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Thank Goodness This 'Service' Wasn't Around When I Was Born...

The NHS's only gender service for children believes all girls who do not like 'pink ribbons and dollies' must be transgender, a whistleblower has claimed.
Dr David Bell, a consultant psychiatrist who worked at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, which runs the UK's only gender identity development service for children, has said the department had a 'rigid, binary construction of gender'.

My favourite toy when I was growing up was a little garage, with all the toy cars to go in it. It had a little inspection pit, a ramp, tiny tools etc. I think my grandad bought it for me because he'd convinced himself he'd get a boy as his first granchild, and didn't want to wait until my brother was born. I loved it, and played with it until it felll to pieces, eschewing a pram and dolly my grandmother bought me to rectify the 'error'.

Did I grow up to be a tomboy or an auto mechanic? No, of course not! I grew up to be someone who would phone the AA to fill me up with petrol if my subscription let me, and as for changing a tyre..! 

If it occurred today and my parents were worried (they weren't, they recognised I was a child) would I end up on hormones?

He also slammed the service's work for putting youngsters on the path to lifelong medical treatment, speaking at a conference organised by Genspect, a support group for gender-questioning children and young people. Dr Bell's comments come after he resigned from the trust earlier this year, nearly three years after his damning 2019 internal report which claimed that the trust’s Gender Identity Development Service, was ‘not fit for purpose’.

At least he did the decent thing, and took himself out of a misfunctioning organisation, instead of staying in and keeping his mouth shut while cashing the cheques. That's pretty rare. 

In the 2019 report, Dr Bell wrote that the service was not fully considering factors in a child’s background, such as previous abuse or autism, which might influence their decision to transition.

It's quite amazing how many of these trans activists also have other mental issues, isn't it? 

The report resulted in the resignation of the trust's governor Marcus Evans, who had worked there for more than 30 years. Evans at the time said he had serious concerns about ‘what is going on in the gender identity world’.

If you were the governor, why did you let it happen on your 30 year watch? 


  1. Mind you, even a normal girl is a strange creature to a boy. 🤭

  2. Parents don't take their kid to a gender clinic for not liking dolls or trucks. They go to a gender clinic if the child repeatedly and insistently tells them "I am not a girl, I'm a boy." Or vice versa.

    Treatment for children outside of allowing them to present as the gender they identify as does not exist until puberty. Then if it is appropriate they are given puberty blockers which are completely reversible if the child decides they do not wish to transition when they are older.

    Before anyone says we shouldn't give puberty blockers to kids, we already give them to cis kids going through precocious puberty. If they are as dangerous and terrible as transphobic parents claim we shouldn't give them to those children either.

    We also can't ignore gillick competency in teenage kids. If they are old enough to consent to be on contraceptives because they are sexually active, or have a say in medical procedures that aren't related to their gender, why should they be denied the ability to choose puberty blockers?

    Its a bunch of fear mongering by transphobes. No surgeries happen on trans kids under the age of 18. That's not a thing. The only treatment available to kids is reversible puberty blockers.


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