Friday, 17 September 2021

It Would Be Funny If It Wasn't Such A Disaster...

Eco-friendly light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs used in streetlamps produce more light pollution and are killing off insects, a new study shows.

Maybe they should have made the study before rolling them out everywhere...?  

They're often energy-efficient, cheap to run and brighter with more blue wavelengths, but this means they're also likely making insects more exposed to predators. The insects could also be getting killed from coming into contact with hot lights, which may also deter them from laying eggs.
Moths are important because they're pollinators, hosts for parasitoids and prey for vertebrates like birds and bats and invertebrates like spiders, the experts say.

*sighs* Once again, just as with diesel vehicles, the 'sage experts' have proven to be not worth their hire.

But since 'science' got us into this, maybe it can get us out? 

Boyes told MailOnline that minor tweaks that could be made to LEDs that could minimise their negative impacts on insects without comprising on energy efficiency, such as reducing emission of blue wavelengths.

I wonder how much that'll cost? And who'll pay..?


  1. The report sounds like bullshit.

    1. Hot LEDs?? What? Hotter than incandescents?

    2. Bats don't use light to locate their prey.

    3. Pollinating moths are attracted by the scent of flowers. Do these LED lights also smell nice?

  2. No real surprises here. The Government always chooses badly. If left to the market we would have a mixture and the Greenie supporters would have these LEDs, then we would see the impact and be able to change course. But Nope our betters mandate these and force us sown a path. The cost is put upon us to rectify all these stupid fuckers decisions. Yet, we continue to vote for these clowns. Why are we so stupid.


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