Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Compare And Contrast, Pt 783245896512

A teenage car thief who killed a father-of-three when he rolled over his head after stealing his vehicle has been jailed for less than five years.
The boy, who was 14 at the time of the crime and is now 15 so cannot be named because of his age, sped off in restaurant-owner Mohammed Islam's silver Mercedes, as the owner shouted 'No! No! No!' and held on to the car.
He went 'flying' as the teenager — who has an IQ of 66'floored' the vehicle, Manchester Crown Court heard.

A car thief and killer at 14. What was the victim doing at the same age, I wonder?  

Mr Islam, 53, who came to the UK alone from Bangladesh as a 14-year-old, had worked 'tirelessly' all his life, first to bring his family over to Britain and then to build up a successful restaurant business.


Simon Csoka QC, mitigating, said the teenager has significant learning difficulties and an attention deficit disorder, but was now making progress.

In what..? 

He added: 'He does have comprehension of the enormity of the loss he has caused.'

Does he? That's nice. 

With an IQ of 66 I was expecting this to be another case of the products of cousin marriage within the victim's own 'community', but looking at the co-defendant names, I'm not so sure... 

Co-defendant Connor Read, 18, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal, was given 13 months detention suspended for two years and ordered to do 120 hours unpaid work.
A second teenager, aged 15, is yet to be sentenced for conspiracy to steal. Two others, both aged 18, are due in court on the same charge on Tuesday.


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  1. This cannot be the excuse. I can give a Professional Opinion in the matter, as any competent psychologist should have. With an IQ of 66 the boy would never have been able to learn how to operate a car, even poorly. His IQ must be quite a lot higher. I suspect the designation of a 66 IQ is a solicitor trick, and untrue.

    The US Army established nearly a century ago that boys with an IQ of 83 and below, cannot be trained to do the most simple of tasks. My own experience of mentally defective people generally confirms that, although I have had some small success with such poor souls using horticulture as the task.


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