Saturday, 18 September 2021

Any signs the tide is turning?

What do you think of this then?

Andrew Torba is also under attack for caving to Germany - those on Gab will have seen the tactic and response.  Our intrepid source at t'other place, haiku, sent me a BBC hatchet piece on Qanon which was used as a sad tale of how a wise 14 year old [shades of Mark Twain], steeped in Woke narrative, pitied the ageing relative who'd succumbed to crazed conspiracy theories.

All the above are an indicator of the deep captcha Woke MSM having to adjust to 'normies' not buying their shtick.  The MSM now have to reinterpret for their normy followers when things do not appear to be as previously pushed as Woke gospel.

That's what Clif High addresses here [h/t haiku]:

To understand much of that, you'd first have to understand what woo actually was, how he's using the term.  Seems to me he means it's bitter reality finally catching up with the Narrative.  Which means it's the early days yet of tide turning.  [h/t haiku for the link]

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