Friday, 14 May 2021

Liverpool's Gain Is Scotland's Loss...

A racist nan headbutted her neighbour for "constantly" ringing a communal doorbell after he lost his key.
Nakita Sullivan, 35​...
...screamed down an intercom at Aaroon Azim, warning: "Stop ringing my f***ing doorbell."
The gran-of-one marched downstairs where she let the "vulnerable" resident in and confronted him with a hammer. Liverpool Crown Court heard she headbutted him the face, before hurling a racial slur at him as she returned to her flat.


Sullivan was previously jailed over a vicious gang attack, when she and her boyfriend battered a student for no reason.
But she walked free from court after saying she wanted to start a new life in Scotland with her grandson.

Ah, well. She'll fit right in, I'm sure... 


  1. "A racist nan.."?
    I wonder where the name 'Nakita' originated? However, she must be white as we all know non-whites can't be racist.

  2. I guess that disconnecting the doorbell was out of the question?

  3. The new get out of jail free plea: Please let me go and I will move to Scotland.


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