Friday, 14 May 2021

Eminent Domain

A fancy name, in Americanese, for compulsory purchase.  Two starter articles:

Historically, compulsory purchases were carried out under the Inclosure Acts and their predecessors, where enclosurewas frequently a method of expropriating people from common land for the benefit of barons and landlords.

The 1845 Act operates by the United Kingdom parliament passing a special Act authorising the construction project.[6] The special Act would signal parliament's approval to a specific project requiring compulsory purchase.[7] The detailed procedural provisions for the compulsory purchase itself are carried out by incorporating the 1845 Act into a subsequent private Act.[8] Therefore, the 1845 Act provides a common framework upon which compulsory purchase procedures are obtained.

For a fuller understanding in both cases, the Wiki articles give an idea.

Operative word is “complex” and Human Rights limitations are interesting, given the UK’s new relationship with Europe.  Hence it behoves us to know that.

If you look at the last two acts in there concerning the UK, the AIFMR and the Immigration Act 2014 are interesting.  For the indigenous, the AIFMR is most interesting.
More than 900 properties worth nearly £600m have been bought by the company responsible for delivering High Speed Rail 2 (HS2), figures show. ... The £56bn high-speed rail line is designed to boost the UK's economy by cutting journey times between London and the Midlands and the north of England.
18 Apr 20

Point to this post?  Well, HS2 is certainly a high profile case but look once again at that last quoted Act, from 2014.  Consider the renting of hotel rooms and the wider dispersal of said personages throughout the land.  Consider the legal complexities for those losing before the juggernaut.

And finally, do you consider Boris of the Overwhelming Mandate a safe pair of hands, safeguarding your best interests, given the whisperings of his pillow-pal Carrie?  Whom most people returned in the last GE and the implosion of Labour in the last few days.

Think on’t.

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  1. I can only think of three things worse than Boris just now. Unfortunately they are Keir Starmer, the LibDems, and Nicola 'Amnesia' Sturgeon. Never mind voter ID. they should provide free pegs for those of us who have to hold our noses while voting.


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