Saturday, 15 May 2021

Avoid the test, the jab and vaxxed people like the plague

Chap called Rob Colbert, via Rossa's mother [we'd been continually discussing testing and vaxxes, let alone the blogging, tweeting and gabbing] - he posted this:

I was really sick for about 48 hours, vomited 3 times total, slept, and have been mostly fine. Have been "under the weather" for a couple days since, but overall fine. I'm just tired a lot, but I guess I'm still fighting off some untested cocktail of biological nonsense.

No breathing problems. That's been fine. Have a family history of COPD as a mostly ex-smoker (my mother died from COPD). Cough isn't horrible for me. It's just there. I've mostly just been sleeping it off.

Never had a fever that registered. Never felt like I had a fever.

Do I know what the hell happened? No.

Do I want you stay away from the recently vaccinated? Absolutely. Staying away from the recently vaxxed seems very smart, indeed. 

I personally now know that the Pfizer vaccine absolutely causes "shedding" and you're taking a risk you can avoid. Keep away from people who get the vaccines and especially the Pfizer. I can tell you right now from personal experience: They can make you sick.

He later posted:

My neighbor, who received both Pfizer shots, saw a video on Gab of magnets sticking to people's arms where they got the shot. He doesn't own a magnet and asked if we had one. I do. We use magnets to hold things on our refrigerator. So, they're not crazy industrial magnets. And, my neighbor is not greasy or messed up.

A magnet taken from my refrigerator sticks to my neighbor's arm. It only sticks to his arm. And, it only sticks to the location where he got the shot. It doesn't stick above it, below it, to the sides, his other arm, or anywhere else. It only sticks exactly where he got the shot.

He's a private person. There won't be a video. I - am simply done questioning. I just watched a magnet stick to the spot on my neighbor's arm where he got the vaccine.

Note from Rossa's mother who's deep within the NHS system right now:

Dr Tenpenny is saying that the people who will die from the vaxx will be in up to 2 years down the track not straightaway.

This accords with what we're seeing too - there was talk of months down the track for the bad things to start.  Truly, it is absolute insanity to succumb to these bstds and their pressure to poison ourselves and thereafter others around us.


  1. James, have you heard any reports about injected people having memory problems? A friend of my nephew has had at least one injection and my nephew, who works with him, tells me he now keeps forgetting things, keeps asking the same questions. It sounds to me as though he's suffering from short term memory loss. And it only started after he had been injected.

  2. There was no reaction to my first jab, though a brief period of dizziness after the second. Since then, I have been told I keep repeating myself.
    There was no reaction to my first jab, though a brief period of dizziness after the second. Since then, I have been told I keep repeating myself.


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