Wednesday, 14 April 2021

No, 'We' Don't, Actually...

...because the vast majority of people are well aware of the dangers inherent in deep water.

Emergency services were called to the scene, at Goit Stock waterfall, Cullingworth, on Tuesday night following reports of someone in the water.
“Emergency services attended, including fire service, ambulance and underwater rescue teams, and recovered a body from the water," said a West Yorkshire Police spokesperson.
“There are not thought to be any suspicious circumstances and a file has been prepared for the coroner.”

Happens every spell of warm weather. But SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! 

Councillor Naveed Riaz, of the Bingley Rural ward, gave his condolences to the boy’s friends and family, calling the incident a “tragedy”.
Cllr Riaz added that people should take “extra precaution” when visiting areas like Goit Stock, and said that people must learn from the incident.

Learn what, exactly? 

“Last year, there were a number of deaths, across the UK, from drowning.
“I think we all need to learn from this, we should take extra precaution and we all need to think sensibly.”

I don't. Do you, Reader? 

“We have to ensure that we act responsibly. At our next meeting, after the elections, we are hoping to campaign for more signs in the area, and we will see if we can work with the landlord, in the hope that we can implement some more safety measures at Goit Stock, which will hopefully stop things like this from happening.”

Well, there's the triumph of hope over expectation, because they haven't managed it yet... 

Councillor Paul Sullivan, also of the Bingley Rural ward, added that the teenager’s death represents a “tragic loss”.
He echoed some of the same concerns raised by Cllr Riaz, arguing that more safety measures need to be put in place in the area.

Unless you post a lifeguard every 50 feet along every water source in the country, these incidents will continue to happen. It's less a 'tragic loss' than a culling of the unfit. 


  1. Learn to swim as a child. Respect warning signs about deep water. Don't be an idiot or a show-off.

    There, that's fixed it!


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