Thursday, 15 April 2021

Thoughts on Suez and Evergreen

From Associate Professor of History Sal Mercogliano of Campbell University (, former merchant mariner and professor of Maritime Industry Policy at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy ( discusses the latest from the Suez and MV Ever Given ... via Distant Relative:

Major players involved in International Shipping using Ever Given as the example.  There are a lot of players and elements that make up an international shipping - to direct link, go to the youtube itself:

Suez Canal Authority​

Evergreen Marine Corporation​

BSR - Bernhard Schulte Ship Management​

Panama Ship Registry​

American Bureau of Shipping​

UK P&I Club​

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance​

Imabari Shipbuilding​

MSC Gayane Cocaine Bust: Affidavit Details High-Seas Rendezvous’ and Crew’s Effort to Conceal Drugs​

Stowaway: A Menace to the Shipping Industry

That's one clean, bowdlerised piece of information but as he points out, these containers are sealed, there is much contraband passing around the world and the two biggies are kid trafficking and drugs.  One would expect the drugs to be mainly this way, unless overland ... the kids are going to be more flights and other land transport.

One lady writes:

Our Military should check every container before it gets released to the recipient in America!!! 

Yeeeessss, we saw how the military was compromised with the Donald, did we not?  Filtering the NG for pro-Trump sentiments, the Woke Brass - trust any of em in key roles?  Got to be kidding.  Do not forget Abu Ghraib.

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  1. There is a video linked in one of the comments to a recent slog article about this ship. It's in Turkish but has English subtitles. The interviewee claims that the ship carried machines intended to cause some sort of environmental or climate catastrophe. He claims that this is all planned by the globalists and that certain nationalist states have caused the grounding to thwart the plans.

    Pretty far fetched. Especially in light of the complexities outlined above. Somewhere in this is a smokey hall of mirrors.


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