Sunday 3 March 2024

The conundrum of censorship

This is more properly an OoL type article, OoL being all about liberty and its limits.  Thing is, it keeps referring to other N.O. items and that in itself shows that such a topic can’t be contained within one post on one site but must bring in all sorts of input.

It skews discussion if posted elsewhere because readers come in, unseasoned in the solutions already proposed and reached and we don’t want to have to go through all that over and over again.  But not running it means it does not broaden its catchment.  Dilemma.

To my mind, it’s not so much the limits themselves but who applies them and for what nefarious reasons … esp. if they become institutionalised, set in rock. In fact everyone wants hardfought victories then set in rock or at a minimum recorded as precedents to be used in law.

To have NO curbs whatever on behaviour produces the situation of personal danger we’re in right now in our own country, esp. for girls and old people.  It is total licence, open slather, do as thou wilt. 

At N.O. today, in MftWC 1 f and g, appears:

Government, mainstream media and nonprofits are part of a “vast censorship network” that suppresses non-establishment perspectives on COVID-19 and a wide range of other topics, according to participants at Monday’s Senate roundtable discussion on “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel.”

(Article by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D. republished from

The roundtable, hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson, also focused on vaccine safety and corruption of public health agencies …

… Journalist Lara Logan, formerly of CBS News, told the panel of experts, “These are the worst of times for the media in this country” and warned that we are engaged in a “war for our minds.”

Ain’t that the truth … always has been the case, and in war, what’s the first casualty?  People are not even agreed on who’s fighting whom. We know one side … the ordinary person, the non-political class, the pleb … that side has always been known.

However, even there, many working class people will not concede the middle class who also pay much tax and therefore also fund pensions, services, benefits as being alongside them … and where do tradesmen and women fit into all this?  The self-employed?

We also know that the other side is aspirational, “boy/gal dun wells”, who are promoted beyond their capabilities into positions they should never be in (N.O. 2a today) … addicted to power over others as Richard Nixon observed:

Little people in big jobs.

They’re near universally in thrall to interests, to money, to blackmail, under threat of some kind, flattered by those “above” them.

Solution?  At Gab, the totally unfettered and “free” are now turning savage on Andrew Torba for asking for money to keep Gab afloat. Mind you, there were some awful things going up at Gab, line-crossing things for many people … but who decides on that line?

And is the solution to say to those who want at least civility … tough titty, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?  That’s also what the drag queens in libraries teach toddlers and rainbow porn is everywhere, esp. in school libraries.

That sort of freedom … is that what we demand?

Then what sort of freedom do we demand?

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