Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Thinking whom to vote for

I literally have no idea which party, if any, the two co-authors are voting for, nor am I asking.  That's their thing, for themselves. In my own area, there are some independents, occasionally UKIP, Reform never appear.  Still early days but these policies look good to me, mainly because, unlike LibLabCon, you can believe these mean it:

Your own statements, readers and co-authors, are of course most welcome.


  1. Yes, looks good, but:
    Neil Hamilton
    Party Leader (Oct. 2021 - Oct. 2025), Welsh Spokesman.

    Bit of a catch 22. With that sort of leadership you won't get many members. With few members, you're swimming in the shallow end of the talent pool.

  2. Could be on the right track. Can we have that in Albanian and Swahili please, for a couple of my friends.

  3. I'd vote for that. Just a tad wary of the commitment to fast track training for social worker training, we wouldn't want any more nasties creeping into the system.


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