Saturday 18 March 2023

Stealthy and not so stealthy censorship

This starts here today:

Leggy is right on this … in support, I post this:

… which is (the second one), mine host taking down that post for violating little creatures from Alpha Centauri or whatever.  And what was it about?  It was about the NHS, something flooding the net right now, from Grandpa’s posts to hundreds from across Britain and around the world, about all sorts of malpractice, spike proteins etc.

This constant censorship across all platforms is one aspect of it … the other being the medical question itself.  I wrote, at our place, on this censorship:
Our onus is that … within a time period of some weeks around the breaking of an issue, we have to stack up evidence we can find from sources most of us accept in order to form a view on it, we go through that process, then some new issues take over, end of that topic.

This blog runs 6 or 7 posts per page, a bit under one day’s worth.  It’s quite reasonable that we should back up an opinion formed during this time frame of a couple of weeks, say.  But the onus stops there. 

Blogs are not archives in the light of the attrition rate … blogs themselves are lost, the platform sneakily removes posts and links, vlog urls etc. Two or three weeks is a fair time frame, not much longer. Yes, there exist search and wayback but even they can’t deal with lost posts … removed posts I’m talking about.
This latter point, of attrition, need not be weeks … it can be days, usually after the item has dropped off the front page. For example, I wrote a fair bit, yesterday, about some woke charity banning the words mother, youth and headquarters … though why the last one I’m still trying to work out. 

It was definitely blogged on … can I find it now?  No way. 

Ah … found it:

Minor thing but they all add up.  Then there’s the vocabulary:

Which comes back to the globo-Woke indoctrination in schools, which crosses into medicine, which crosses into Andrew Bridgen in parlmt, which crosses into silly Mr. Cooke and Leggy.

Which crosses into all of us caught in the ordure from a small number who see themselves as elite above.


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