Monday 20 March 2023

“I feel like I’m already a prisoner of my conscience.”

Good, then let's make it reality too:

Rock said he has spent two months in prison over similar protests, and felt “traumatised” by it, adding that he was worried he would “have a complete mental breakdown” if he were jailed again.
You're already unhinged. Hopefully this will tip you over the edge.
The defendants also mentioned the impact the campaign had had on their friend Xavier Gonzalez-Trimmer, who killed himself after spending time in prison over an Insulate Britain protest. Pritchard said: “He was a brave, gentle and caring human being who could see the future we were facing and was desperate to do something about it, and now he’s dead.”

Feel free to join him. 

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  1. If there’s an afterlife, I do hope the Suffragettes are enjoying a jolly good laugh at this lot.


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