Tuesday 7 February 2023

Yet more controlled opposition

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  1. I've long suspected that Farage, UKIP, Reform, Reclaim, Heritage, all of those parties and the senior actors involved have no interest in actually winning and providing a true opposition to the Globalists. Yes, Farage won the Brexit vote by a hair, but then he quite before hammering the nail home.
    The globalists would have been happy with the status quo, but after the referendum vote have used it to effectively split the UK and neuter it.
    N.I. is on target to become part of a unified Ireland and somebody is funding the SNP's plans to split from the UK.
    The globalist's mantra of One World, One People, One Government is (at the risk of invoking Godwin's Law) depressingly reminiscent of the "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Furher!" of a generation ago.
    We have to identify the bad faith actors, we have to form an alliance and fight the globalist ideology.

  2. I totally agree with her comments and the obvious truths (anyone who believes that any of the 'figureheads' would be allowed prominence if they 'weren't' controlled, is beyond naive at this point) she 'reveals' but ... I've (literally and figuratively) had enough of her constant 'let's blame the boys' comments. [Hint: yes there are many corrupt, venal and mercenary 'boys' making profits and power-gains from all this madness, there have always been such 'chancers', but ... it was, and is, only with the "womens vote" that they gained the power to do so. The real guilty parties are all those self-obsessed, uniformed, narcissistic 'girls' out there continually voting for whoever tells them nice things, and offers them the biggest bribes).

    I note that Katie never ever seems to notice that, almost exclusively, 'all' the woke companies, departments and services are dominated by (if not entirely made up of) ... women (with the occasional token male face to take the blame if necessary). She does so love to blame the symptoms, whilst 'conveniently' ignoring the causes, and as such 'she' is as much 'controlled opposition' as any she names.

    A simple example? Look to which countries were the worst totalitarians over the past few years, and you can predict which they would be purely by seeing ... how many women hold positions of power within their governments. Fact, check if you doubt me.

    Her (and most prominent women's) issue is mainly, not that "the boys" are running things 'incorrectly', but that she wasn't given the controlling say herself (merely for having a vagina).

    I'll just point out that whilst she bemoans how 'they' gained prominence, notoriety and position by 'playing the game', I wonder how she did the same? (If you really believe she was employed for her prose and insight, and not for 'being one of them' and 'vagina', I have a bridge for sale - going cheap).

    1. Women in positions of power are highly likely to become the "Caring Tyrant", much like Jacinda Aherne. They are only doing what is good for you (or the population) and remove all your rights whilst doing it. They cannot compute someone may prefer to have the freedom to refuse the "care" meted out by the tyrant. Wokeism is a feature of this, being the considerate tyranny of imposing minority views on the majority, to make people more considerate and accommodating.

    2. Leftist women are put in positions of power because they have a ruthless streak.

      There's a book written in the 90s by a investigative journalist entitled "Shoot the Women First". It was written by Eileen MacDonald.

      Here's the basis
      "According to MacDonald, members of a German counterterrorism unit were told to shoot female terrorists first. A senior government security official explains, "Women terrorists have much stronger characters, more power, and more energy than men. There are several examples where men who have been cornered have waited a moment before they fired, but the women shot at once."


      They get put into positions of power now and order others to pull the trigger or else.

  3. She's controlled opposition herself. "I knew this before but couldn't speak out about it until now" is the tell that she is controlled by some entity. If she was a free agent there'd have been no constraint. If she was really wanted to inform the sleeping masses she'd have spoken up anyway.


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