Wednesday, 8 February 2023

What Reason Could He Have For Claiming Asylum?

A grieving family are demanding answers after a beloved grandfather died in a motorcycle crash with an asylum seeker who was working illegally as a DPD driver under a false name.

He's Moldovan. Claiming to be Romanian. Why is anyone's claim from either of these two countries tolerated?

Stratan was detained in October 2021 after he entered Scotland from Ireland using the false identity of a Romanian called Sergei Bagrin. He was detained for five months before being freed in March with an admonition by Stranraer Sherriff Court.

Thanks, Scotland! 

He then moved to Devon where he obtained the false driving licence and got a job as a delivery driver.
Stratan had already racked up four unpaid speeding tickets in two months of driving for DPD at their depot near St Austell in Cornwall. The crash with Mr Colwill occurred when he failed to stop at a Give Way sign on a country road at Ashwater, North Devon.

It's beyond bel... No. I have to stop saying that, don't I? Because it isn't.

Stratan admitted perverting the course of justice, causing death by careless driving and driving while uninsured and with a false licence. He was jailed for a year and ten months by Judge David Evans at Exeter Crown Court and banned from driving for five years after his release. The judge said the public would expect him to be deported on or before his release.

We wouldn't expect him to have been allowed into the asylum system in the first place... 

The judge noted that DPD's ability to check on Stratan's credentials had been diluted because he was working through two sub-contractors.

And the country's ability to check on chancers, grifters and wrong 'uns coming in? What's diluted that?


  1. The rats in government have blood on their hands of the all the innocent English men and women who have been killed by illegal immigrants. It is these rats, and their failure to protect us against the monsters clamouring at our borders, who need to be punished, alongside the illegal immigrant killers.

  2. Well, given that the ban from driving will I suspect have no effect on the convicted driver (He obviously has contacts that can provide false documents, or he just doesn't care), I'd have thought the judge would have been prudent to increase the jail sentence by a similar amount to the ban. Or is that just me?

  3. With all the technical knowhow available today, may I suggest that, on his release, he is fitted with a small ankle device where, whenever her gets within 100 yards of a motor vehicle, a small explosive charge blows his foot off. He will commit this offence, at the most, twice..

    1. And then probably qualify for a disability grant!


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