Saturday, 28 January 2023

When "leaders" on "our" side stubbornly stick to Globo-Woke positions

I wrote:

Tice would not even know, would not be even remotely aware of his own goal. I for one shall never vote for that M25 idiot or for his party.  So far, UKIP or nothing for me.  Last time was nothing.

Reader Penseivat wrote:

At one point, was considering a vote for Reform, if they placed a candidate in my constituency, but the more I read about Mr Tice, the less I'm likely to follow his party. Invited to an ex Services Christmas dinner in Hartlepool, where he is hoping to be elected as their MP at the next GE, instead of mingling with veterans of the Korean war, the Indonesian Confrontation, Aden, Northern Ireland and, more recently, Afghanistan and Iraq, he apparently stayed close to his host, a member of the Reform Party. When invited to speak, he made a political speech, rather than one relating to the service those present made to their country. After winning a bottle of wine in the raffle, this multi millionaire hung on to his prize, which cost less than £7, instead of returning it for someone else to win. I doubt that he made few friends that evening, and his chances of being elected seem very remote. So, it looks like the Monster Raving Loony Party for me. But aren't they already in power?

Yes, everything I've seen of Tice has been iffy, he shows all the signs of being a chancer and look how he promtes Reform - the Tory alternative, himself as alt-PM.  But cynically so ... he wants to keep in with the wets as well, the anti-kipper, "respectable" seller-outers.

As for Nigel, his People's Army bollox was a worry ... then he sold out to the Tories.  That will not be forgotten.

On the other side of the pond, The Donald is haemorrhaging core support over his pro-pfizer stance, same as Tice, when our stance, based on all the things coming out now, is diametrically opposite. Various middling pundits have said they'll not vote Trump as long as he stubbornly pushes deathjabs.

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