Sunday, 29 January 2023

The issue should never have arisen

As someone implacably anti-Woke and vehemently against the banning of anti-Woke viewpoints, it's a temptation to write that the Djoker (my fave male tennis player) has been vindicated but really ... had the other young chap won ... weeellllll, so what? 

Both had a huge amount riding on it, the young chap has a longer future to come back.

Well done, Djoker, but politics should never have seen him banned in the first place. As with all Djokovic fans, it's nicer to be able to write it from a position of magnanimity rather than of sour grapes ... but it does not alter that core issue either way.

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  1. Oz bans entry to people because it can. It signally fails with many who come here and embark on criminal careers, shoot one another (thankfully rarely an innocent) in the streets, and contribute to the decimation of Western, Christian Principles. (Decimate: reduce by ten percent). The other 90% is being reduced by the home-grown.

    A couple of years back an American Gentleman (Both a white Man and a gentle spirit to boot) was arrested on landing with visa in hand and immediately deported. His 'danger' was to have been booked by upstanding Oz-folk to speak about the devastation of Abortion.

    Oz kills more babies in the womb, per capita of population, than any other western country, yet here in Oz our homicidal politicians claim we need more population and therefore imports swarthy unworthies from far afield who promptly join the 'benefits' brigade.

    I am unsure of Djoker's attitude toward murdering babies.


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