Monday 3 October 2022

Sounds Like A Self-Correcting 'Problem' To Me....

Almost 3,000 prisoners in England and Wales stuck behind bars under an abolished “irredeemably flawed” indefinite sentencing scheme should be re-sentenced, MPs and peers have said. The indefinite nature of jail terms under the imprisonment for public protection (IPP) scheme has contributed to feelings of hopelessness and despair that has resulted in high levels of self-harm and some suicides among prisoners, according to the justice select committee.

Gosh, how to react to that news..? 

Blimey, this is seeing a lot of use lately...

The committee’s report, published on Wednesday, says that an independent panel should be appointed to advise on the process of re-sentencing IPP offenders, acknowledging that it is likely to be a complex task.
It further calls for the current time period after which prisoners can be considered for the termination of their licence after release should be halved, from 10 years to five. Neill said: “After a decade of inertia the status quo cannot be allowed to continue.”

Why not? Has it kept people safe? And by 'people', I don't mean the dangerous criminals... 

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  1. AP, I know you are a hang them high type of girl but these sentences are immoral. They don't even seem to be used against dangerous prisoners just certain one that politicians want to make a point about. People should be sentenced and we should all know what their punishment is. Excluding of course crazy people that should go into a mental home till they are better and not a prison.


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