Saturday, 13 August 2022

Implications for personal finances

The question first and foremost is do we take this Cuban American girl's word for it, from New Orleans, and believe it's a real notice by NatWest?

If not, then fine, as you were and enjoy your weekend, stay cool.

If, however, it IS real, then the implications are quite worrying, n'est-ce-pas?  Currently, in my case, what little I have is diversified but I do see an overall digitalisation going on, it has been for quite some time and it's all about power over your money, nowt whatever to do with 'keeping us safe'.

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  1. They have been doing this for some time if you have a large withdrawal. I've not known anyone refused access to their cash though. I've never been asked for an invoice. My understanding is it is a policy to record the cash transaction for the stasi and *cough* help the vulnerable.
    I took out £7.5K for a car a few years ago and when asked I told them it was for sexual purposes. They ran about for headless chickens for a bit then I explained it was to by a car to increase my chances of getting laid. They put down car purchase and everyone was happy. I spent the money on booze, drugs and sex the rest I just wasted.


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