Wednesday, 28 July 2021

No, It's A Stain On Your Organisation's Reputation...

Former Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner Andy Trotter (Ed: Surely not..?!) last week described the Wembley scenes as 'a stain on our country's reputation'.

Why? Like millions of other people, I was sitting at home watching it, not taking part. And millions of others were having a meal out, watching TV, painting the bedroom, reading a book...

Why should it be 'a stain on our reputation'? 

The Metropolitan police farce, however, has questions to answer:

The male Metropolitan Police officer, who has not been named, had been speaking about the chaotic scenes at the London stadium during England's match against Italy on July 11.
The officer told The Times that he and his colleagues had not been 'allowed' to use robust deterrents as senior members of the force were reluctant to give the go-ahead.
He told the publication: 'The best we did was manhandle them down the ramps away from the stadium...
'It's all about the brand image. It is just annoying we are held back from doing our job. We are in public order gear for a reason.'

Do I detect the cold, clammy hand of the Dame of Disaster herself here? 

The officer also made a series of claims to suggest that authorities were not adequately prepared.
He said that many officers attending were hesitant due to being newly trained in public order policing.

Funny, when I'm newly trained in something, I can't wait to put it into practice. What sort of people are they hiring here? 

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