Saturday, 19 June 2021


There are a few westerners, not many, who have lived under the Soviet regime - you can be sure they were volunteer communists from Britain, I knew the one or two in our town.

In my first couple of years in Russia, the Soviet ways were still in place. For example, you went to a state shop and joined one of the many queues - meat queue, fish queue, milk queue and each was separate. 

Once you got to the front, you indicated an item kept under glass, the dour, chisel-jawed woman wrote the item number on the chit, you then went and queued at the booth of the cashier. 

When you got to the front, she took it and you paid.  She stamped your chit and you queued again to present to the dour one, who then handed it to a minion who went out the back and brought what items were still there - most were but sometimes not - an improvement on Soviet days.

You then joined the queues for other things in turn.  It was a morning you allowed for the whole process.  In Soviet days, for something like eggs produced locally, they were sent to Moscow for sorting, the local then had to go to Moscow overnight to the egg collection point for Russia, one guarded them and took them back home by the evening train.

Now look at this:

The Ministry of Food was responsible for overseeing rationing. Every man, woman and child was given a ration book with coupons. These were required before rationed goods could be purchased. Basic foodstuffs such as sugar, meat, fats, bacon and cheese were directly rationed by an allowance of coupons.
That was WW2 rationing in Britain.  You queued at local outlets with your ration book.  

Imagine this scenario, based on my observation yesterday that Morrisons had deleted quite a few lines [I asked the man and it's only going in that direction].  Tesco are about to lay off staff too, pretending it's because of the roaring success of pay machines.

I see a scenario quite easily developing where the plug is pulled as we're expecting, financially, big stores will close and with that - choice, just as with Hello Fresh and other online food where you do not choose the items yourself, you choose a “package” from a brochure - they select the actual items you will get, you pay through he nose, they then send it to you.  It's also not unlike getting a blood test now.  No longer the GP but one goes to a central govt point and has it, they send results to your GP whom you've organised a phone call with.  Bedside manner?

With the [shadow] govt now controlling all supply, scarcity can be invoked according to the latest Politburo policy decision, just queue up for eggs on this street, then take the bus to that street for milk ... and so on.  Butter mountains, for example, begin.  

Once at the head of one of these food queues [not unlike vaxx queues], hand over your vaxx passport for stamping, plus the other documents, your purchases are recorded ... and so it goes.  

Best not be of unsound political opinion by the way - it shows up onscreen once your wrist is scanned.  The magnetic vaxx is part of that.

At some point, actual rationing is introduced, the artificial scarcity begins.  That's for the plebs. For foreigners, as I was in Russia, if you had the money and were willing to pay through the nose, there were state mafia shops where only the nouveau riche and govt officials shopped.  There was one near us.

That's the reality of the cabal's coming Build Back Better Reset.


  1. In case it's been missed, here is a link to the second article by John Ward at the Slog, outing Mr Hancock. I have also sent a copy to my MP.


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