Friday, 18 June 2021

'Only In Brighton' Pt 782468

Deliveroo riders in the city will display pronouns on their bags as part of LGBT pride month.
The takeaway company's new delivery bags will make it clear if workers want to be referred to as he/him, she/her, they/them or some combination of terms.


Hadi Moussa, chief business officer at deliveroo, said the company was a "proud ally".
He said: "Pride 2021 is about embracing inclusivity and we are delighted to give our Deliveroo riders the opportunity to take to the streets with bags displaying Pride flags in a show of support for the community.”

And if they don't take up the opportunity? What will you do then? 

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  1. I recently saw somebody "come out" as gender rigid, semi-bisexual and the resonated with me. :-)

    My pronouns are I, me, my, mine and myself. You, of course, are free to use whatever words you like to refer to me although if you're addressing me and want me to take notice I suggest using my name or the normal English second person pronouns: you, your, yours or yourself. The same applies if you're referring to me, I suggest you use the tried and tested over centuries English pronouns: he, him, his or himself but feel free to make up whatever pronouns you want, you're talking about me, not to me, I don't care.

    As for your pronouns: I'll try to be polite but Ive been using real English pronouns for over 70 years now, old habits die hard so bear with me if I don't remember your imaginary pronouns.


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