Wednesday, 23 June 2021

It's A Feature, Simon, Not A Bug...

Be it the Manchester bombing, children’s homes or Daniel Morgan, millions are squandered on probes that merely enrich lawyers
Thus thunders Simon Jenkins in the 'Guardian', clearly missing the point that often that's their actual purpose.
These inquiries must be the worst value for money in British government. Most were just kicks into touch by some embarrassed minister, producing a day’s headline some years later before gathering dust. The infected blood inquiry, into an NHS mistake half a century ago, is now costing £32m a year. Like this week’s Manchester Arena bombing report, costing millions, it is telling us little or nothing that a bunch of assiduous investigators could not have discovered in a few weeks.

Probably, but then what are we supposed to do, not find out that BTP officers drove five miles for a kebab over a two-hour lunch break, leaving no one on duty in the City Room Foyer on the night in question?  

There is soon to be the mother of all inquiries, into the coronavirus pandemic. It will inevitably seek to apportion blame. I sense that the present extreme caution of Whitehall’s politicians and scientists on lockdown is not driven by the public interest. It is driven by a sense of how their reputations will stand up under cross-examination.

That's always what drives them. And anyone who thinks it's anything else is fooling themselves... 


  1. JuliaM, yes it's all about reputation protection and backside covering.
    Over the decades of public enquiries, how many of the culprits has ever been prosecuted and imprisoned? Apart from one or two whistleblowers, I can't think of any.
    And why should these criminals posing as public servants care about the cost, it's only our money they are squandering?

    1. Exactly! Until it starts to affect their cash flow personally, nothing will change.

  2. Some people say it's the great reset or the new world order / one world government that keeps pushing for perpetual restrictions. The simple truth is that the government are just terrified of being blamed for bad things. That doesn't get them the votes they need

    1. But sometimes, 'bad things' are inevitable. And the usual suspects will lie about them anyway!


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