Friday, 25 June 2021

Sometimes The Jury System Produces The Right Result...

...but Reader, this is not one of those times:
A knifeman accused of threatening to kill a man before stabbing him reacted after “abuse was shouted at him”, a court heard.
The trial of Allan Lindsay entered its second day at Basildon Crown Court yesterday with the 56-year-old taking to the witness box to give evidence.
Lindsay denies intending to cause the man grievous bodily harm in the stabbing on May 2 last year at the junction of Victoria Avenue and Queensway in Southend.
Lindsay was grilled by prosecuting barrister Karl Volz, where he claimed he started to follow the pedestrian because he had abused him.

Yes, you heard that right. The accused pursued the victim with a knife.  

The jury previously heard the victim had been walking when Lindsay had shouted abuse at him, saying he should “go and die”.
He is then alleged to have approached him before producing a knife and stabbing him, which the court heard narrowly missed the victim’s heart.

And hence, the CPS clearly thought "Well, this is open and shut!" 

The trial of Allan Lindsay, 56, of Marine Parade, Southend, concluded at Basildon Crown Court today with the jury unable to decide if Lindsay had intended to cause his victim serious harm.
The jury acquitted him on another charge of making threats to kill by majority verdict.
A provisional sentencing date has been set for July 19 for the charge of unlawful wounding. The Crown Prosecution Service will be considering over the next week whether a retrial will be sought.

For Lindsay, or for the idiot members of the jury on grounds of being idiots? 


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the godawful and politically bent CPS decide not to proceed with a retrial. The CPS are more than likely to say that it would be 'too expensive' or 'not in the public interest' to have another crack at getting the threat to kill charge stick. Quite unlike how the CPS behaved over the case of Louis Duxbury, where they gleefully embarked on an expensive second trial in order to convict a man of 'religious hatred' because he thought that Jihadists should be 'wiped out'. See

  2. No, I wouldn't be shocked either. Practically nothing the CPS does will ever shock me now...


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