Friday, 7 May 2021

And The Answer Is....

..."Yes, she's the reason you're behaving like this and expecting to get away with it.":

Matthew Mawhinney, 29, became rowdy on the flight home from filming the second series of Netflix dating show Too Hot to Handle in the Caribbean on February 7.
The defendants became abusive after being repeatedly told to put facemasks on and being informed that the captain had decided they should not be served any more alcohol.
In a hearing at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court on Friday, prosecutor Christelle McCracken told the court that stewardesses Heather Wenn and Sophie Griffiths had been the target of most of the abuse.
When Ms Wenn told Mawhinney he would not be getting any more drinks, he told her: 'Go and f****** look up who my mum is – Baroness Scotland, I'm a gold card holder – go and get me a drink.'


District Judge Deborah Wright said the three defendants behaved with a 'profound sense of entitlement without any regard for the crew or any of the other passengers on the flight'.

I wonder where they could possibly have got that from

Mohamed Reza Ally, for Johnson and Greenslade, said: 'They are aware that things are not going to be easy in relation to the publicity.
'This behaviour on any view is wholly out of character, and in my submission that should be born in mind.'
I guess you didn't learn any Latin in law school, then? Like 'In vino veritas'..?
Each defendant was fined £1,500, ordered to pay £500 each to Ms Wenn and Ms Griffiths, and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £150 and £85 costs for their abusive behaviour.
They were ordered to pay a further £100 for refusing to put on their masks when told to by the captain.

It's chickenfeed, to people like this.  


  1. It would help if the airline permanently bans these morons. And if Mawhinney's mother complains, ban her too. The guarantee that any future passenger will not have to put up with them can only improve BA's bookings.

  2. Chances are his mother will put it on her expenses, she seems to do that with everything else.


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