Sunday, 18 April 2021

The coup, the trafficking and so on

Thing is - where do we even start?  Patel’s invasion waving-through, Johnson ‘s and Hancock’s lies and inhuman behaviour, the BAME thuggery on the street - which one first?

Let’s go with the sex trafficking at the US southern border.

Fox Nation host Lara Logan said Saturday that the Biden administration’s border polices amount to “subsidizing human trafficking of children and adults.” “We are subsidizing human trafficking of children and adults: men and women,” Logan told Fox News’ “Watters’ World” “The administration uses taxpayer dollars — your money, my money — every taxpayer in America. When they use their funds to transport these kids all over the country and send them into different markets, different areas first to live in for the cartels, different markets for sex trafficking and other cartel activity,” Logan continued.
To my mind, that only partly covers it - if you can, listen to her interview cut short by the host.  What she said was that the kids appear at the border, all say the same thing - there for better education, better life, but then they’re taken out of that authority’s hands for “resettling” throughout the States.

But that’s not what really happened and is happening.  For a start, they were sold by parents.  Then, inside the States, the traffickers take them for you know what.  Big money racket.  And not just kids either.

This is the scene Harris refuses to go there to investigate.  Which brings us back to the coup itself.

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