Friday, 16 April 2021

Is It 'Justice' You Want, Or Someone With Deep Pockets To Blame?

Sonali Bhattacharyya, a volunteer with the Justice for Belly campaign group, said campaigners were calling for an inquest into her death and a public inquiry to determine if GTR was culpable.
She said: “We’re here today on the first anniversary of Belly Mujinga’s death, united in anger and grief.
“A year on, and her family still have no answers. They still wait for justice.”

But they do have answers. They just aren't the ones they want... 

A lawyer for Mrs Mujinga’s family, Lawrence Davies, said the force had refused to disclose the suspect’s name, preventing them from pursuing a private prosecution and further civil claims.

Because there's no evidence that the supposed incident had anything to do with her death, and a lot - specifically, a negative covid test - that it didn't: 

BTP asked the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to review the evidence and look into whether there were any further lines of inquiry, but prosecutors ruled out homicide charges.
CCTV footage of the interaction, which lasted around 15 seconds, was said to not show any conclusive evidence a criminal offence took place, while results from a Covid-19 test on March 25 confirmed the suspect had not been infected with the virus.
DNA evidence from Mrs Mujinga’s clothing was inconclusive, while witness accounts did not provide a consistent enough picture to bring charges, according to the CPS.

So what sort of 'justice' is it that you - or more accurately, the leeches battening on to you - want to see, exactly? 


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