Saturday, 6 March 2021

These travel permits


Thin edge of the wedge and all that. We are very much stuck in this impasse in the UK and in particular, England. We're in this zone right now where no one is rebelling, no one is doing more than what I'm doing now - bitterly complaining from my keyboard.

"Shocking, shocking," says one and the next one comes in, in high dudgeon, and blasts me for complaining.  The one after that blasts the blaster and there's our mini-war started for the weekend to tide us over.  Some announce an important meeting, out of which comes the "Pointless Declaration", referred to after that in reverential tones ... and so it goes on.

The actual miscreants in London and key Them cities say, "Well this is all going along swimmingly," fly off to Barbados on a fact finding mission and that's the sum total until the next imposition.

Have you, in all conscience, seen the slightest recognition of public opinion, not based on fake polls such as Yougov but actually based by constant criticism from all sides?

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