Friday, 5 March 2021

"Nee-Naw, Nee-Naw, It's The Snowflake Police!"

Dead moles should not be left hanging from a barbed wire fence in the Cotswolds, police have said.
The grisly sight has been causing distress in the area near Cowley Manor and police want it to stop.

'Police'..? Really? 

PCSO Andrew Biddell is even going to put up a sign asking people not to string the dead mammals on the fence.
He said the moles have been found in the lane that goes round the back of Cowley Manor and past the Girlguiding Gloucestershire HQ, heading towards The Green Dragon.
Issuing a Community Alert, he said: “I will be putting a sign up asking for the moles to not be hung from the fence.
“This issue is causing a lot of distress to people and I would like to get it stopped.”

So a bunch of townies feel 'upset' at the sight of a country practice going back decades before you were born, and you think it should cease immediately? 

But, realising you've no power to stop it, you're going to litter the countryside with hectoring signage?  


  1. Wot abaht the lil bags of dog poo?
    Solution. Put moles in little black or green (more environmentally freindly) and hang those on fence. The townies will just think they are dog shit and feel more comfortable.

  2. A PCSO?
    What authority empowers this person to take such unilateral action? Who is giving him/her orders to do this?
    I've always thought the PCSOs were a waste of time and money and just like everything government does, once it's in place it's almost impossible to reverse it.
    I don't suppose these useless police and crime commissioners are any better at holding the cops in check?
    I wonder if there should be a movement to take legal action against individuals? It needs a few brave and knowledgeable lawyers to start a campaign for this, funded by contributions from the general public.

    1. The public sector never gets rid of staff. It always demands more, even if they don't make anything better.

  3. have these absurd people got nothing else to think about?


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