Monday, 8 March 2021

Ode to a pair of tossers

A selection of choice comment from the net

Richard Grenell:

Meghan Markle is the classic American woke progressive. She doesn’t want to do the work but is outraged she doesn’t get the freebies.

Effie Deans:

Prince William was right to warn his brother about marrying Meghan Markle.

Emily Zanotti:

I understand now why Meghan’s acting career never took off.

Tom Selby:

Megan claimed her passport & keys were taken off her when she joined the Royal Family. USA you are being played big style by H & M. An example one of their grotesque untruths ... Megan's two day New York baby shower in Feb 2019.  

Toad Unmasked:

Meghan and Harry basically only had one card to play, and they've played it now. The ripples will steadily diminish over time.

Tara Carter:

Imagine ending up so bitter and vindictive and brimming with barely suppressed hate simply because you're not up to doing a job. Quite sad really.

Man in a Shed:

Who was the last child of a younger sibling in the Royal Family to have the title Prince? #AskingForAFriend

Kirstie Allsopp:

In 1961 the only sister of The Queen had a son, David, when born he was 5th in line to the throne, he’s not a Prince. Almost 60 years later, when the Royal Family is trying to downsize & modernise, it seems unlikely that the 7th in line would be a Prince, but maybe it’s racism.

A Liberty Rebel:

So UK taxpayers coughed up £30m for what was in fact a fake wedding? [On the Telegraph article] When do we get it back? If true, that makes them either frauds (with Welby colluding in it), or liars (don't you need witnesses for it to be legal?)

David Moore:

That Harry and Meghan looked around them and saw millions of people who’d lost jobs and livelihoods and then looked at home at Prince Philip’s serious illness and yet still thought they were the ones who were hard done by tells you everything.  My truth is that they’re tossers.

Not well liked, Harry Hewitt and Sparkle - America, you're welcome to your beloved pair.


  1. I've said it several times before but it's worth a re-run:

    Mr Sparkles and Mrs Harry are the modern day Slobs of Harry Enfield infamy.

  2. I wish they'd just leave us alone.

  3. By Harry divorcing himself from the Royal Family, will the pretence about His parentage be ended? Did Charles not answer Harry's calls because he felt no obligation to continue the pretence any more?
    Harry is on very thin ice.
    Personally I think Meghan has an enormous chip on her shoulder and must have been peeved to play third fiddle to William, Kate and baby George. I assume she expected to be equal to the heirs, not have to stand behind them as is protocol. Chip activated and the same old BS flows: "it's all racism and I want my rightful and due respec' innit". When she's due absolutely nothing, having done nothing other than marry Harry.


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